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>> tune in tomorrow morning at 11:30 a.m. eastern for my weekend business show cashing in. thanks for joining us and thanks for being with us. >> hey hey and up and at them rise and shine. good morning to you, the second of february, 2013. i'm than kooiman in for alisyn is it just a big gimmick and who is going to be left footing the bill? >> anna let me be the first to say. will pox con see his shadow. televised event in the world. well, maybe a few hours. "fox & friends" sunday, if you can add them up. depends where you are. "fox & friends" sunday, right. it's the super bowl.
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we dispachesd brian kilmeade to bling in the flavor from the big easy. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ >> there is a live look this morning from new orleans. the big easy. >> just days away from the 49ers facing off against the ravens in super bowl 47 but the party has already begun there in new orleans. our very own brian kilmeade is live out there. good morning, brian. >> cheerleaders how are all three of you getting along. maybe at the christmas party. to see you three together is fab as it particular. what you are witnessing live right now is something that's never been done in western civilization. we have gotten the raven
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cheerleaders, the 49ers cheerleader. because of international law we have to have our military separating them right now because they are not allowed to touch before the game. >> and they also want to protect the cheerleaders from you. >> have you been practicing your sideliners? hopefully not. >> military police here. clayton this is a contribute to you. i have the hand holder. we have the ipad. on the ipad it reveals the guests that have been booked for your viewing pleasure. aaron foster will be here live. cam newton will be here live. adrian peterson will be here. you will also have a chance to see the rookie of the year for 2011 for the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue and that is kate upton will be here. all part of the fun. a host of kids playing football behind us. it will be controlled chaos all part of the extravaganza
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just for you. >> you think i would be really upset that i missed the opportunity to sit down with cam newton. it wasn't until you mentioned kate upton. >> when he found out that's what brian was going to get to do. >> we get cam newton the gq cover guy from the nfl particularoff issue. >> listen to miss north carolina here. cam fan. >> of course, anna, you were reporting locally you you knew all the panthers. >> a few of them. i didn't know cam unfortunately. >> can i provide the introduction? >> yeah. play match maker? >> look forward to today. >> check. in get the wings ready. >> back to the bidding easy in a minute. fox news alert, another day comes and goes for that 5-year-old boy still held hostage in an underground bunker in alabama.
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the tense negotiations with a man holding him. 65-year-old os. it's still going on. >> live in midland city. good morning to all of you, roll that little boy is waking up. it is 29 degrees right now. police remain photographs that we have for you from ricky stokes a local reporter here he was first on scene and you could see families grabbing their young children from the scene. you can see the school bus in a lot of these photographs. showing you how emotional the situation was on tuesday. police are releasing is the name of the suspect jimmie lee dicks what we heard from witnesses and neighbors. demanding two children. that's when the bus driver,
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charles poland got in front of him and he was shot four times according to a police scanner. he, today, is being hailed as a hero not only by the nation but also the governor. listen to what the governor told us. >> as a parent, and myself and i'm sure like many of you are what can you say just except to cry with them and, you know, it's difficult. >> poland is being laid to rest tomorrow. we do know the funeral service also be held tomorrow at a civic center because local authorities expect so many people to come to that service. back to you guys. >> elizabeth prann live for us. >> unbelievable how long this has been going on. >> we do have headlines we need to get to on this saturday morning. the white house calling the attack on the american embassy in turkey an act of terror just hours after it happened. a turkish guard was killed and one person was injured by a
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homicide bomber. the turkish government says the bomber was a member of a radical left wing group. but a former u.n. ambassador isn't quick to believe that. i think it's very unlikely. more like there is al qaeda or some affiliate. possibly iran. four months after the attack on benghazi. no visible retaliation or retribution by the united states. i'm afraid that people have gotten the impression that american embassies are subject to that sort of behavior. >> the september attack left four americans dead including ambassador chris stevens. this convicted murderer back behind bars this morning after accidently being released from jail. stephan robbins was arrested late last night about 60 miles from where he was set free. after a court case in chicago, robbins was let go because paperwork was lost asking he be returned to an indiana prison. he will now continue serving
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his 60-year sentence. the hits just keep on coming for alex rodriguez. clinic being investigated for dosing. '' espn is reporting that anthony bausch would inject rodriguez every few weeks if he star's mansion in miami. claims rodriguez and -- they are both claiming that they deny that. anyway, arod said he only took pedz to 2003. iowa basketball team gets the team into the spirit for love. ♪ hey baby i think i want to marry you. >> what a perfect proposal. students and players join a dance nehemiah a choreographed routine to marry you by the one and only bruno mars.
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basketball coach popped the question to his girlfriend. as you can see he said yes. congratulations to them. those your headlines this saturday morning. >> i actually was the one who pitched this to our producer this morning. one of my girlfriend isn't he so romantic. >> cam proposes to you. do you want that big crowd thing. >> i'm super cheese yvmentd anything that looks like it came from the tv show glee. >> let's check in with rick reichmuth now. for the next six weeks, we will be following what the groundhog does today. this will form his first alert forecast for the next six weeks. >> it's a very easy next six weeks. >> i don't have to do any more work. >> do you want six more weeks of winter or not. >> no. >> we have had the weirdest weather, too. it was arm a couple days ago last week it was like arctic blast. >> consensus you don't want winter? >> right. >> i guess what that means is
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you need winter to have this morning so he doesn't see his shad donchts right. >> that's what we get, right? >> i think it might happen. they have some flurries going. might see some more flurries. if that happens at 7:25 when he comes out of the little hole is he in, then there. you go. here there your temps waking up this morning. only one right now. minneapolis. the cold air has settled southeast. that little bit close to where punxsutawney is. were towards tomorrow morning.
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boston probably get a little bit by tomorrow afternoon. little bit of a sunday where you will see snow in probably the inside to watch the game. it's perfect. >> thank you so much, rick. >> what usually happens if you have good information if you are part of the administration any presidential administration. press cycles throughout the week. >> what about bad news? when would you release that? >> you usually do it on a friday afternoon. >> did it happen again. >> especially super bowl weekend and no one is going to be paying attention to it it? >> we are paying attention. this is what we are talking about this morning. obama care contraception change, combination and really helping people out or is this a big gimmick? who is going to end up footing the bill for the third party insurer who has to pay for these contraceptives. essentially what's happening is nonprofit religious groups are not having to provide this contraception whether it be birth control or the morning after pill.
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to their employees, they still do have to alert the third party insurer. >> that sounded on first blush like a great accommodation because a lot of people were upset about that. if you read further you will have to provide a third party insurer. it seems kind of gimmicky, don't you think? >> the whole idea was and the critics, of course, have come out and religious institutions and george town university. other religious institutions said look, we don't want to be a part of this conversation. we should not be forced to provide free contraceptions to the people who are on our staff. we need to have that separation here. but, because they have come out and said now we need to be able to talk to these third party insurers. we have to actively go and alert them. we are part of this conversation. here is what charles krauthammer had to say last night on "special report." saying this really is a clerical gimmick at work here. take lafn. >> the reason we have a constitution is that don't
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trump the bill of rights. free interests of religion is what is under attack here. all it does is put regulatory language what was proposed a year ago by the administration as a so-called compromise. it is not. it's a farce. it's an accounting trick. catholic university, for example, is compelled by the state under obama care to offer health insurance and the health insurer is compelled by the state to provide coverage of contraceptives. the cost obviously is going to be shifted back to catholic university and its students. simple police officer a gimmick. the worst part how you define worship. churches you worship on sunday are completely exempt because that would be outrage. the secularists at the department of h.h.s. religious only the place where you go on
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sunday. only a place where you worship god. but if you are a catholic soup kitchen, where you are doing god's work, that's not considered religious. that from and of itself is an outrage. >> the crux of this is that nonprofits hobby horse. >> hobby lobby? >> the craft store. >> the cavity craft store which they are not part of this provision as well. so it is very weird that you would only have these religious institutions. >> talking about a very narrow group and hobby lobby saying they could be facing fines up to $1.3 million a day if they don't begin to imli obama care as it stands right now. >> all right. what do you think about that? facebook us, tweet us, whatever you want to do. >> come up on the show, do you think you earned more by living in a union run state? people in right-to-work states are richer. we are going to break it all down for you coming up. >> money money money and then order in the court and we're talking about the judge. he was caught napping on the job. that story is coming up. >> but, first, a look at the
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49ers and the ravens. the cheerleaders, we also have some members ever the military standing at attention. all live from new orleans. this is going to be fun on this saturday "fox & friends." [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool
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>> 17 minutes after the hour. you are looking good on a saturday morning. you may think that if you live in a right-to-work state, you make less money. is that really true? a new study actually shows that employees of right-to-work states are richer than those in union run states. here now is vincent, the director of labor policy at the mackinac center for public policy, the group that did this most recent study. good morning to you vinnie. >> thanks for having me on. >> absolutely. tell us a little bit about what you make of these numbers. because i want to put these two up here. it's a chart after 2000 that really shows how things began
6:18 am
to change now people in right-to-work states are getting a lot more bang for their bucks. tell me a little bit more about this study. >> that's right. what you are talking about is cost of living. when you factor in cost of living, workers in right-to-work states actually are making about 4% more than workers in forced unionism states. let's talk about what is cost of living? you are in a right to work state, things are actually cheaper so your dollar goes further. and you are in new york. you know how insanely high ranks is there. you compare that rank which in average in manhattan is about 3400 bucks. two ground will get you a shoebox apartment you compare that to a mortgage in alabama which is 800 bucks. unions are saying workers in new york are making more than alabama. since alabama is a right-to-work state that means right-to-work is making less for workers. but the dollar goes further in alabama and actually doing
6:19 am
better. >> i wanted our viewers to be able to see this in more visual terms. some people don't understand the shoebox. a can of tuna in michigan cost $1.20. in connecticut it's 1.99 cents. that's quite a big difference there a gallon of milk in michigan is $2.59. versus in connecticut $3.59. here is the graphic. thousand are some pretty big differences how does this all matter for people who are in unions people wanting to be in right-to-work states? >> >> well, mackinaw crunched these numbers and the findings are really interesting because unions like to be tricky. they say it's a right-to-work for less state. right-to-work simply means that a union can't get a worker fired for refusing to financially support them but that worker could still collectively bargain for almost anything else.
6:20 am
it's one the main points the union narrative that workers are making less in these right-to-work states and when you factor in that cost of living, that narrative is simply untrue. >> vinnie thank you so much for your time today. also, this is pretty interesting to me. your study found in 2001, right-to-work states added 1.7 million jobs as opposed to 2.1 million were lost. in non-right-to-work state. a lot of great information for us. thank you so much and enjoy the super bowl tomorrow. >> hey, you too. thanks for having me on. >> 20 minutes after the hour now. coming up on "fox & friends." fed up with facebook? now one group is launching its own social media site. it's already attracted thousands. the founder joins us next. then plan on taking back to watch the super bowl with ice cold beer and some wings? you better get ready to dig deep into those pockets. we will show you what a difference four years makes. what was it like four years ago? those were the days. ♪
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>> some quick headlines for you. protests in egypt right at president morsey's doorstep. thousands throwing bombs gates palace last night calling for him to step down. they were met with tear gas and water canons from his security forces. energy secretary stephan chu is stepping down from his post. is he coming off a rocky first term. highly criticized for 528-million-dollar loan to solyndra the now bankrupt solar panel company. he will stay on until his replacement is named. here is clayton. >>, thank you, mike.
6:25 am
getting a spin off. just for conservatives. right wing posters say they were sick of quote liberal censorship on facebook. starting their own site called the tea party community. and officially launches today but, get. this they already have 100,000 members and they haven't even launched yet. so the co-founder ken crow joins me live this morning. good morning, ken. >> good morning clayton from south florida. how are you today. >> i'm final. >> tell me how in the world 100,000 members already and you haven't even launched yet? >> well, i believe clayton we have to thank our friend, mr. zuckerburg for that. he was very instrumental in helping us out. >> meaning mark zuckerberg the founder of facebook because you have had a lot of criticism there has been a lot of censorship, you say, happening against you and other tea party members and conservatives on facebook. how so? >> clayton, what they are
6:26 am
doing if we post something conservative, you have great patriots like jan morgan and people like that that are posting very politically conservative items on the site. and they are shutting us up. it's that simple, they are censoring us. they are putting us, we can't post. we can't add friends. it's a mess. and it's going on. and segal van nuysing the tea party and simple politics because of this censorship. >> it's beyond just mark zurichburg in all of this because you even ken during the 2012. the tea party folks, one of the rubs against this tea party is this disorganization. you admit to that this seems to be an aid to correct some of that disorganization? how so? >> well, what we are doing, we have become the collection point believe it or not, those
6:27 am
100,000 members. about 50,000 of them are actually not technically a member of a tea party. they have joined us because they believe in the tea party platform. the tea party values. and this is the new collection point where we can organize. we can put our thoughts together. group, and we have got the site broken down into state hubs when you join. you join your state hub. and then our state hub directors are going to be the organizational leaders for what we're going to do in 14. >> the web site is the tea party community. what's the exact url, ken? >> tea party >> there you go. check it out today. it officially launches today they already have 100,000 members. congrats to you, ken, thanks for waking up with us, we appreciate it enjoy the super bowl. >> thank you, my friend. >> coming up on the show. like a scene out of a movie, a young boy home alone when burglars get him. >> 911, what's your
6:28 am
university. >> yeah i'm in florida. someone is trying to break into my house. please hurry. >> terrifying. we will tell you how it ended. one day away from super bowl 47 and brian is in new orleans for all fun. brian, what do you have coming up, man? >> for you guys, we have aaron foster, texas. first off that's fantastic. cam newton of the panthers. that's for anna. adrian peterson the first running back maybe of all time joining us this morning. and kate upton for the crew and everybody else who loves biewflt people who are very very smart. also controlled chaos. mark, show everybody what's happening. 150 kids going through a clinic. this is peyton, mcdonald. how old are you? >> 6. >> 6 years old. how long have you dreamed of being a professional player. >> since i was three years old. >> what team do you want to play with. we are going to be talking about safety. how do you tackle me. with the head on the side? how do you block me?
6:29 am
>> in the stomach. >> all learning safety loves the game. coming back here at the convention center at the anna bell experience. don't miss a second. @@
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>> i read that the most expensive seat at the super bowl is going for $53,000. so if you want a front row seat to the super bowl, turn on your television. >> you don't have to pay $20 for a beer and bret sell either. >> that must have come with something. maybe brian bought that seat. >> i haven't bought my beer for tomorrow yet. >> you haven't? >> i need beer. >> what about wings. >> the bants. >> compared to four years ago going through the numbers it's crazy about the basic staples because super bowl sunday is the second most popular food day behind thanksgiving. more food will be consumed on super bowl sunday than just about any other day of the year. beer, at mike's house, the price for beer going up. 6.5% from where it was about four years ago. >> what about my chicken wings? >> mike loves the chicken wings. >> you are paying 14% more. >> all right. that will just go with the burger then. >> no, you can't do that either. >> why? >> beef, up 26%.
6:34 am
that's a 3.08-pound. cheddar cheese up 18% to $5.87 a pound. >> what about the gas to get to your friend's house up more than 66%. the average price for a gallon in 2009 was 1.93. now get this $3.42. a pain at the pump. >> the administration inherited all of, this wait a minute, from themselves last four years. >> i don't know if you can stay at home and just have a bag of chips are chip prices still the same? i don't know. >> >> unemployment up to 7.9% now. another sign that the economy is faltering. everybody is ready for the super bowl. we are all americans. ready for chicken wings. >> send us food items that you will be buying for super bowl party. send them to friends if you have a photo send them as well. >> i work monday through friday in the great city of philadelphia. we are gearing up for a lot of former nfl players to come
6:35 am
there that's where the big lawsuit, a trial is going to be. if the judge allows it to go through, it is going to make a decision in april. all these players saying they have head injuries the nfl should have warned them about. this brian kilmeade is on that topic. a lot of parents are concerned about their kids. should we allow them to play football, et cetera. brian? >> hey, mike, not only parents concerned about their kids, current players are concerned about their future its specially in light of junior is a. he wanted to preserve his brain for people toll study. dave deurson. long time chicago bear, a new york giant. a lot of people concerned. a guy who handles insurance for a lot of these players and noses them personally. rich big daddy sagato. this thing is for real fun week in new orleans. tell me what you know about it? >> big lawsuit 80 of them. >> 80 separate lawsuits. >> 80. >> players from today and
6:36 am
yesterday? >> yes. and they feel that they were not informed about head injuries afternoon all the things that happened. flip side nfl properties are promoting their films. violent hits. collision, everybody wants to see that. >> it's in the opening of every pregame show. we watch it on espn and we talk about big hits. there is even dvds released of just big hits. they believe it plays into this. smith, the players' union president. he talked about this a couple of days ago. listen to his case. >> virtually every major company in america has one individual who is responsible for the health, welfare and safety of the employees. there is no chief safety officer for the national football league we believe it's the right thing to engage in a discussion as to whether the union and league can agree on a neutral safety officer who can hear appeals on whether or not the safety and
6:37 am
welfare has fallen below an acceptable level of medical care. he is not behind this lawsuit but a lot of players he represents from today and yesterday are. people are saying these are players that didn't save their money or came from the era where they didn't make a lot of money and they're looking to cash in on this multibillion-dollar business. >> the other thing is that we all know football. it's a violent game. there are injuries. people get hurt. when two people run into each other someone is going to get hurt. >> here is the hypocrisy. these players are complaining that the commissioner is finding them for hits that used to be legal that are no longer legal. they are getting angry about it at the same time they are saying the league isn't protecting me. do you understand the duplicity in those statements? >> absolutely. the only way look at it i hit you i get fined 10, $15,000. i don't want that hit. if you don't make that hit, they will get somebody else in
6:38 am
there that will make that hit. you know give and take. >> i hearken back to smith. quarterback for the 49ers. different era than the 80s and 70 os. as a starter when he got a head injury he might have been pressured of. instead he take as couple of weeks off. goes i have got a concussion. that's the new rule. guess what? he lost his job to collin. is he not cashing in today. is he not getting the interviews today. he didn't do anything wrong except for suffer a head injury. >> they say you don't lose your job to injury but that one, i mean, premeditated there a little bit. you know? somebody you want to say good luck to? >> i hope it happens today. >> he should get the announcement. most of the people think he will get it along with bill parcells a virtual lock to be going to the hall of fame in new orleans. >> absolutely. >> going to the -- back to new
6:39 am
york. that's the latest on the serious part of a great week here in new orleans. >> thanks, brian. interesting stuff. >> we're going to get right to your headlines. 6:3 is the time this saturday morning. an 11-year-old makes a desperate call for help as three men break in while he is home alone. >> emergency? >> i'm in miami beach, florida. somebody is trying to break into ohio house. please hurry. >> i need your phone number. >> please hurry. >> are you there? >> yes, i'm home alone. please hurry. >> he heard the commotion and did just what his mother to call. grabbed the phone called 911 as the robbers ransacked the house. >> i was in the closet. one of them was in front of me to look around but they didn't see me. i was scared to death. i was just thinking i hope they -- please don't catch me. please don't find me. >> glad is he safe this morning. police arrived and the suspects tried to run they
6:40 am
were cottrell. cops found lee trembling inside the closet but he was okay. >> school is out for six months for dozens of harvard university students accused of cheating. of the school is forcing them to withdraw after last year's scandal when a professors inned several same answers on the take home test. 279 students in the class. about half were accused of cheating. school says students can reapply to get back on campus after the six months suspect. a sad day for the bush family. their beloved dog barney has passed away. the 12-year-old scottish terror apparently passed away from lymphoma. barney shot to fame as the star of barney cam giving holiday tours at the white house. former president george bush says, quote: barney was by my side during our 8 years in the white house. he never discussed politics and was always a faithful friend. laura and i will miss our pal. our hearts go out to them. >> remember that barney cam? >> yes, i remember that. >> and you could see him
6:41 am
trucking a along. i think they played it at the correspondents dinner at one point. >> check in with rick reichmuth who we sent outside. 21 degrees outside. >> wanted to see if i saw my shadow. >> it is chilly out here. at this point we are used to it it's early february. supposed to be cold everybody wants to know, is there more winter in store? take a look at the live shot out of gobblers knob, pennsylvania. in less than an hour we will see punxsutawney phil come out. this is a big event out there. western p.a. close to pittsburgh. a little bit north of that. absolutely an amazing event they throw out there with thousands of people who travel from all over the place for this big celebration early in the morning. fireworks at 6:41 a.m. good chance that he is not going to see his shadow because there is going to be a little bit of cloud cover and few snow flurries. that would mean a short winter. i have tell you he has a 39%
6:42 am
accuracy rate. if that means anything to you. here your temps as you are waking up this morning. take a look at your first alert forecast across the northeast. we will see snow showers moving in throughout the evening hours. that will be kind of overnight tonight. everybody waking up with a coating of snow. not a big problem any bye any means. down to the southeast sunshine. rain across the mid tennessee valley and in towards the northern plains. that's where cold. another clipper coming through with a little more snow. back to you inside. >> thank you, rick. we will help you get a job today on this saturday morning. we have all heard. this keep your resume just one page. no more. and always wear a suit to an interview. but does it really work? our next guest says maybe not. some new rules for getting the job. >> and then order in the court. and we're talking about the judge. he was caught napping on the job. that story is next. >> what better place to take a nap. living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis
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>> grab your second cup of coffee and get ready for your saturday. 6:46 is the time. quick headlines for you. pen nuclear weapon pay cruise and penelope pay cruise and her husband are expecting second baby three months into the pregnancy. talk about blind justice. look at this russian judge sleeping and playing on his phone in the middle of a trial. even worse, he sentenced the defendant to five years in prison for fraud. after this video sir fasted the judge resigned and that man is now getting a new trial. mike? >> russian justice. >> yeah. >> we have all heard that a resume should not be longer than one single page.
6:47 am
it never hurts to apply, right to any job. >> exactly. rather than helping you some of the advice you are getting could be harming your chances of finding a position. here to debunk some of the common job myths is founder and ceo of. >> thank you i'm glad to be here. >> first myth out there is that you should follow up on social media to thank your employer. get right on there and saying thank you for allowing me to come in today. this can be very very harmful to your chances it seems very impersonal to publicly say, you know, hey daily news, so glad for the interviewing with a job for you. employers can take this as a humble brag as you really being impersonal. it's much much better idea to follow up privately with interviewer. a thank you card. an email. if you want to go above and beyond you could create a private channel on youtube or slide share and send them a thank you. it's one-on-one not math.
6:48 am
>> one page resume i have heard that forever. that's not right. >> it's not. it depends on your industry. if you are a young professional, if you are in an industry that one page resume is standard, at that point, yes, you need to follow the rules. people will not even look at a second page. there are industries where it doesn't apply and you can be hurting yourself by not including all your information. >> my first resume was three pages and i made sure i put mcdonald's old country buffet. >> that is is a common mistake. tailor the resume what you are applying to. take irrelevant experience off the list and focus. >> i was applying to hardee's. >> myth number 3. you should always wear a suit to errant view? >> um. >>um myth? >> it is a myth. in fact, you want to dress for the industry that you are in for example, if you are apply for a job creative industry technology start up. you want to understand what people in your industry are going to wear. >> what if i want to be a lifeguard do guy in a swimsuit. >> i would not go in a swimsuit and flip-flops.
6:49 am
make sure you are a professional version of a lifeguard swimmer. by showing up in a wonderfully classy suit you could potentially -- myth number four it's a numbers game. more applications. send out all your applications and you will be good to governmental we see this a lot. we actually in an article on the daily news three he things to get your resume thrown in the trash. one impersonal. seeming like you sent your resume for a dozen different people without failure tailoring it employer wants to see that you care about their position and their company. and more is not always better. so, we often recommend that people pick 15, 20 positions really go after those and demonstrate why they are passionate about that position. >> katie, i'm sorry things didn't work out with tom cruise. she looks like katie homes, doesn't she? >> thank you very much. >> check out the coming up on the show iran claimed it successfully launched this monkey into
6:50 am
space. was it all fraud? we will find out. >> we did that in the 60's. come on o. and, excuse me, the hidden dangers inside your kitchen cabinets exposed. the things allowed inside our food that are banned in other countries. we're still eating it here. what's wrong with honey buns. >> nothing honey buns. it was your nickname in college. it is now. ht now we'll give you. ...$10 off any turbo tax deluxe level software or higher! find thousands of big deals now... officemax. music: "make someone happy" music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ it's so important to make meone happy.♪ ♪make just one someone happy ♪and you will be happy too.
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6:53 am
>> we're hoping your saturday is off to a great start. before you make your breakfast, listen to this. ingredients and food we just love are banned in other countries because of how dangerous they are for our bodies. >> yeah. so what are we going to do about this. ask the authors of rich food, poor food dr. jason and
6:54 am
certified mirra. >> good morning. the first thing you talk about is counterfeit colors. because there is artificial color in just about everything. >> absolutely. five of them that are wanted in other countries sms red 40. blue 1, blue 2. yellow 5 and yellow 6. they are banned because carcinogenic. make your genes. all the things we highlight do not contain any artificial. >> if they turn your tongue blue bad for your body. >> absolutely. you don't want to get. >> i eat a lot of that jell-o. >> the kids eat jell-o that's the problem. their little guys can't handle so much artificial color. >> what about these chips? i knew this had to be too good to be true owe olene quarter of a century for them to create it took almost no time at all for the u.k. and canada to completely ban it. the reason why is because it dramatically decreases the body's ability to absorb our essential fact as you will i
6:55 am
can't believe vitamin. >> we take you to the chip aisle and show you the good chips. >> you don't have to be rich to buy it. >> no. coupons in the book bromiade. >> i don't even know what that means? >> it means that your fly rode can't get any eye continue. you all v. awful these health conditions. >> you wonder when it goes down your throat it feels funny anyway. maybe that's why. up next some breakfast food? >> the bha. petroleum based preservatives. petroleum. not exactly what your grandmother used to preserve fruit. national institute of health says bha is known to be a carcinogen. state of california says it is carcinogen that is cancer with a c. >> listen honey buns. >> this was a real kicker.
6:56 am
if you look at that sneaker. that made from the same ingredient as those honey buns. they use it to make the flour turn white faster. if you use. >> unbelievable. you go to jail for 15 years if you use this in singapore. >> are you saying don't eat shoes. >> if you don't want to eat the shoes don't eat the honey buns. >> i like. >> thank you so much. and find out more go to >> available on amazon and barnes & noble right now. >> congratulations on that book. it's really good. >> thank you so much. >> you don't have to be rich to buy the food. >> already it be six more weeks of winter? we're waiting on punks punxsutawney phil. we are live next hour. >> plus, still live from the big easy. speaking of the big easy. brian kilmeade is down there going back to new orleans in
6:57 am
just a bit. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool
6:58 am
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7:00 am
hey there, how are you feeling. we hope you are doing well. 7:00 on the dot. saturday, the 2nd of february. 2013. i'm anna kooiman in for alisyn camerota. rough ride for pick to run the pentagon. chuck hagel's hearing questions questions his competence. the white house thinks he did just fine? >> we are moments away from finding out whether we are stuck with six more weeks of winter. punxsutawney phil about to give his first alert forecast. let's all say it now, gobbler's knob. that's where we are going. >> punxsutawney, pennsylvania. the big easy gearing up for the big game. brian kilmeade is on the bayou with some huge guests. we are going to look for his shadow as well. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now.
7:01 am
>> happy groundhogs day. >> good saturday afternoon, good morning, i don't know. saturday morning. >> it is afternoon somewhere. >> maybe in new zealand it's saturday afternoon. good morning, everyone. we are just a few days away from brian kilmeade being able to watch the game live super bowl game live. there is brian kilmeade staring at cheerleaders. >> it's the 49ers facing off against the ravens. super bowl number 47. good morning to you, brian. what's you got for us? >> first up, i think it's time to meet some of the people here gotten up real early for you guys and for the rest of the nation. they say we are a divided nation. we are bringing together 49ers and ravens right before your
7:02 am
ice. grab your loved ones. i want you to meet someone extremely important. this is christie pera second year with the 49ers. how excited are you to be here? >> this is is amazing. we can't believe that it's real life. it's been great experience. the town is beautiful. we love everyone here. we're having so much fun. >> right now they are working with 100 plus kids who were here teaching them cheers. see some of them in action against the giants overtime. you thought you were going last year. what happened? >> you know what? we didn't get there. but rear here now. >> you were crushed? >> we were crushed. we couldn't believe it. it just made us want to get back on the field. the boys wanted to get back out there and this time we won and we're here. >> all right. i'm very happy that you guys are such great attitude this hour and working you 24 hours a day but you are loving it this is megan. how excited are you to be here? you are trailing at halftime against the patriots on the road. you are at home watching. and you are thinking to yourself, what? >> it's been so emotional. i mean, we have been watching
7:03 am
it together as a team you know, all along the way while they have been away. so it's been very a lot of anxiety. a lot of, you know, we're excited but i'm just so happy that we're here today. >> you guys are doing this for free. you do it for exposure. you love being on the team. you got about two weeks off and back to work again in february, right? >> exactly. we have tryouts the first weekend in march. only a couple weeks until we are back in season. >> somebody else really important. l lz national guard here and especially you guys. you are flying, working, take time out and get up early for us we appreciate it lt. colonel, am i correct? >> colonel. >> colonel. you are the lt. colonel. i apologize. colonel, first off, how concerned are you about what's happening in washington, about how it effects you guys. they are talking about sequester, cutbacks. how does that effect families like yours? >> we are all worried about it because there is a potential cut in flying hours, which is training for us. we always want to make sure we are getting enough air time underneath us so we are safe
7:04 am
in the air. also looking at potential cut backs for employees and other things that could effect very real effect on the families of our men and women in the national guard. >> you guys actually fly security flights over super bowls, correct? >> that's correct. we have done three of the last four super bowls, miami, dallas and tampa. just hanging up there and making sure everybody comes close to the game and where everybody is hanging out is say. nobody we don't know about is getting close to the field. >> i remember in 2000 1, you saw tanks in the streets. and it took us like an hour just to get close to the stadium. it was 2002, rather, right after 9/11. rudy giuliani and everything. u 2 playing at halftime. the challenge of being national guard in louisiana anything but easy? >> absolutely. rough 10 years with louisiana. katrina, gustav, eick. flooding. the national guard. military represent almost 10,000 national guardsmen who were there when the floodwaters rise and floodwaters hits the shores.
7:05 am
go intercept targets of the interest. we they're all the time and we are busy. >> american wants you busy all the time and national guard there are we willing to pay for it? >> absolutely. that obviously happens well above us. we take the tools and provide security for america. >> they understand there halls got to be a downside from all these cut backs and you guys feel it we appreciate you being here. later you will see some of that great work with kids. back to you guys in the studio as we continued fun on the field turf at beautiful convention center in new orleans. >> all right. thanks so much, brian. >> brian is is copying you with the ipad thing. >> you don't need all these papers in the field. he has an ipad down there. >> very impressive. among the questions that we're of course going to have to face defense secretary if he gets confirmed senator chuck hagel during those hearings is this question of sequestration, something that would be on the table, of course, these defense cuts. first he has got to get through the confirmation issue and, boy, was it a rough confirmation hearing. >> kel well, compare it how quickly they confirm john kerry, right?
7:06 am
>> right. >> this is the other end of the spectrum. it was almost uncomfortable to watch it times getting hammered by a number of senators. >> pretty much every pundit that you heard from said pathetic, he seemed confused. he messed up some policies he wasn't even familiar with containment. and president obama's position on that. getting notes handed to him. but at the same time, we have got jay carney saying he is doing great. >> yeah. let's listen to him. >> today senator hagel answered the questions appropriately and did a fine job. we believe he will be confirmed. as i said before, he has, i think there has been increase in the number of senators who have come out in support of him. not a decrease. since the hearing. >> you know, one of the things that struck me watching this was it seemed like he just wasn't prepared it seemed like, you know, you are preparing for one of the biggest days on the stage that you are going to have in the public eye. it just seemed like it wasn't prepared. he knew certain questions were going to come up.
7:07 am
right? he knew the surge question from iraq was going to come up. when you have senator mccain who led that charge, of course, was going to come up. you know those questions that he had talked on al-jazeera television were going to come up. he seemed unprepared it reminded me of the first presidential debate between president obama and then candidate and governor mitt romney. where everyone was wondering what in the world was going on. >> do you think that he knew the al jazeera stuff was going to come up. he seemed a little surprised. >> right. how didn't he know that? that seems to me like two of the main things -- >> he certainly took quite a beating last week. let's take a listen from that senate confirmation hearing. >> if you would like me to explain why. >> i actually would like an answer "yes" or "no." >> well, i'm not going to give you a "yes" or "no," i think it's far more complicated than that as i already said, my answer is i will defer that judgment to history. >> i think history has already made a judgment about the surge, sir.
7:08 am
you are on the wrong side of it. >> do you think it's right that israel was committing a, quote, sickening slaughter as you said on the floor of the senate? >> well, i think, again, i would want to read all of it what i said first i have said many many times, senator, every nation has a right to defend itself. >> do you think a sickening slaughter would constitute a war crime? >> no, depends on -- they were attacked. depends on many factors. >> why do you think that the iranian foreign ministry so strongly supports your nomination to be the secretary of defense? >> i have a difficult enough time with american politics, senator. i have no idea. but thank you. >> to be fair, too. he does have some great things going for him. he served two purple hearts took shrapnel in the chest. his supporters say he will be well respected by the troops. >> he probably will be
7:09 am
confirmed. if every democrat said yes and maybe four or five republicans. he will get through. was that a good job? >> let us know what you think about that friends at fox frienm and also on twitter at aff weekend. >> we he have headlines to get to and a fox news alert. we are getting our first look at the man holding a a-year-old boy hostage in an underground bunker in alabama. cops identifying 65-year-old jimmy lee dicks as the man accused of shooting and killing a bus driver and snatching the boy from the bus. the nightmare started on tuesday. it's now entering yet another day of tense negotiations. each day getting harder and harder on the boy's family. >> as a parent, and myself and just like i'm sure many of you are, it's just -- what can you say just except to cry with them. you know, it's difficult. >> the boy who is autistic is receiving medication we're
7:10 am
told. the obama administration announcing long awaited amendment for obama's birth control mandate. -- hobby lobby who objects to the mandate on moral grounds. critics say it doesn't change anything at all and all companies should be exempt from the mandate if they want to. >> what do you think about this? is this the same monkey? some experts are saying no way. calling into question whether iran's announcement of successfully launching a monkey into space is a fake. one of these pictures was taken at a press conference while the other, the monkey was strapped into the rocket. >> is one a stuffed animal? they are both real monkeys, aren't they? >> swan body double. >> look one was gray hair, the other one doesn't. at least they can try to find a monkey that looks the same if they are going to try to
7:11 am
pull this ruse. >> ho ho who who who who knows. >> philadelphia. punxsutawney right now. >> thank you, girls. >> thank you. >> this is a big event. look at all those people they have out there this early in the morning. 7:11. sunrise is 7:25. that's when they bring out right around that time they bring out punxsutawney to see his shadow if the sun is up. it might not be up today. there is snow moving in towards that area. that's good news if there is no sun then that means spring comes earlier. i think that's how it all works. i think we see some few flurries. in fact, flurries just off towards the west. there is punks towny. see these snow showers that are getting very very close there. just off towards the northeast of pittsburgh. this saul part of a clipper system that's going to bring some snow by this evening out across the mid-atlantic in
7:12 am
towards the northeast. places like boston also going to be windy tomorrow. a little bit of a coating of snow. we do have winter weather advisories down here across parts of the central appalachians in towards kentucky and tennessee as well. few areas in the higher elevations might see 2 to 6 inches of snow. for the most part, seeing a light coating for a lot of people. that's going to be throughout the afternoon. future radar you see the temperatures remaining very cold. temps for everybody here still around 10 to 12 degrees below where you should be this time of year. we will get this storm out of here by sunday, say midday for the most part for everybody. today's high temperatures looking like this. not that bad except that cold air stuck. guys? >> thanks, rick. >> coming up on the show, a study shows that there were two times as many positive stories for president obama during the 2012 race for the white house as negative. why did the mainstream media focus the negative coverage on republican candidate mitt romney. we will explore that coming up. >> plus, in just minutes, we will see if punxsutawney phil
7:13 am
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7:16 am
>> welcome back, many who watch the president's interview on 60 minutes this week were wondering since when do compliments count as questions. steve kroft admitting that the president keeps coming back to "60 minutes" because the show, quote, won't go out of its way to make him look back. a common complaint during the election with the majority of negative coverage falling on mitt romney according to a new pew poll that found that out. david is the author of spin masters how the need bra ignored the real news and helped reelect barack obama. all right, david. you know what critic also say and some on the left will say look, these polls weighted in a certain direction. they are going to show, of course, that there was more negative coverage because there was just a
7:17 am
preponderance. there were nor news outlets coverings. this that's why. what dues to that? >> this is the pew center for people in the press. this isn't a crank outfit we are talking about here. the coverage of romney was incredibly negative compared to the coverage of obamana. and, in fact, if you adjust for the fact that romney won that debate and had to get some positive coverage because of it the coverage season more lopsided. you are looking at coverage that is 100% more negative for romney and something like 63% more positive for obama. you see the press, how they cover these stories. but maybe even more important what i discussed discuss in spin masters is what they choose to cover what you see more and more in this election cycle liberal media bias in the past. suppress actual goods stories. ratings and obama look back or
7:18 am
presidency look like a failure, a lot of reporters seem to lose curiosity about it. >> interestingly we know even 60 minutes for cbs news had and withheld certain information and withheld parts of interview during the benghazi story. they had interviewed him prior to that and held back on video that they could have released. so is the argument though that you are making. liberal media tends to hold back put back. that's the case. we have seen it with obama in ways we have never have before. the incident you mentioned is especially important. because here you had footage in the can, somewhere on a shelf that would have made news. if you can imagine when people were disputing did obama say that benghazi was an act of terror? hey, we very got him on tape avoiding going out of his way to avoid saying that. why wasn't that released? that was a piece of history and news. they sat for six weeks.
7:19 am
quietly put it up on line the night before the election or just about then. which why would you suppress something like that if you had it? it makes very little sense. if you are in the job of gathering news. but, you know, again, in spin masters, i look at how the media is covering up for obama because we shouldn't have to have a republican president for the media to do their job holding leaders accountable. >> david is the author of that book. spin masters, check it out. david, we appreciate you joining us this morning, thanks so much. >> thanks so much for having me, clayton. >> up next on the rundown, a stunt that will cost you, the taxpayer. who gave permission for this government chopper to fly over a high school football game? plus, everyone is waiting on punxsutawney phil's first alert forecast. we will bring it to you live next. get the kids up. all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no!
7:20 am
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7:23 am
look at this ladies and gentlemen. out there all night in punxsutawney, pennsylvania. it's groundhogs day. punxsutawney phil is going to come out of his little. >> little wood chuck hut. see his name on there. it's getting close. they are knocking anybody home? >> this is apparently his 127th year progress no, sir at this indicating. we will take a listen here. >> he may still be sleeping in there. this whole thing is counter do youive. >> phil, phil, phil.
7:24 am
>> come on, phil. >> and he is out. [cheers. >> all hail groundhog supremacy. [cheers] >> people staying with us from myrtle beach is that where you are from? >> that's great.
7:25 am
>> bill has directed phil to the appropriate scroll. reading the scroll will be bob roberts. his protecter. [cheers] are we ready? remember, if he sees his shadow, six more weeks. no shadow, spring is here. [cheers] >> et -- let's go. here here ye, here ye, here ye the 127th annual trek of the punxsutawney groundhog club at gobbler's knob. punks pawnee phil, the king of the groundhog. progress anastos at prognosticator was awakened
7:26 am
from his burr reat 7:28 with a tap of the president's cane. phil was lifted from his burrow by his handlers and greeted by his tens of thousands of faithful followers. [. [cheers and applause] phil was gently placed upon his oak stump and nodded a happy groundhog day to his fans around the world. surrounded by his inner circle awaiting either six more weeks of winter or an early spring. phil with his keen weather eye gave the quizzical search to the western pennsylvanian skies. phil and president daily conversed in groundhog ease and phil directed him to the chosen prognostication scroll. the president's tapped the chosen scroll and directed
7:27 am
phil's claim. my new knob entrance is a sight to behold. like my faithful followers strong and bold. and so ye faithful there is no shadow to see, an early spring for you and me. [cheers and applause] thank you, phil. >> phil is always accurate. >> well, 39% of the time. >> yeah. >> you can always massage. it's however you want. >> the good news is early spring. the bad news is he is only right 3 39% of the time. >> he we have had such wild weather. we have had tornadoes more reminiscent of springtime weather. we had the artic air the week before. >> it was 65 degrees here the other day.
7:28 am
people were out in t-shirts and shorts. maybe phil is on to something. there you go. well, just to recap. there is punxsutawney phil in punxsutawney, pennsylvania. a gobbler's knob saying he did not see his shadow which means spring is coming very soon. there you go. >> 127 years of prognostication. i need to get on whatever ovaltine is he drinking. >> everyone else is not drinking ovaltine i will tell that you. >> happy groundhog day, everybody. >> happy valentine's day clayton. >> right around the corner. >> and anna. >> am i getting in between something here? 7:28 is the time now. forget the flowers and chocolate. get your sweetheart a cool gadget for valentine's day this year. clayton is playing cupid. super bowl. having fun with the nfl's leading rusher. adrian peterson, we will catch up with adrian and brian after the break. ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
♪ ooh baby, can i do for you today? ♪
7:32 am
[ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. nly align has bifantis, a patented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. try align to help retain a balanced digestive system. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align.
7:33 am
o ye faithful, there is no shadow to see, an early spring for you and me. [cheers and applause] >> that one guy in the blue coat jumped up and down. >> over zealous there. >> let's check in with rick reichmuth. do you believe it? going right into spring now. >> well, did he say spring is here? >> yeah. >> i thought maybe four weeks of winter. not spring is here now. can you get a view of the temperature over there? >> what's that say? >> this will give you an idea of, it's 19 degrees. spring ain't here. >> puppy cud ler. it's going to stay cold across the northeast. take a look quickly at your temps or the wind chill. this is what it feels like across this area that's been kind of plagued with this weather. except warm days it feels very
7:34 am
cold for everybody again. temps 10 to 15 degrees below normal for probably at least the next five or six days. cold is here. is this is what you are waking up to around the country. cold air except for out across the west and deep south. florida warming up today. your first alert forecast around the northeast today, we have a couple of clipper systems move through. moisture with them and get light snow. we will see that right around the ohio valley tonight in towards the northeast and tomorrow across parts of new england. maybe an inch or two for a few people. down to the southeast. a nice day. warm up to orlando, you look great. northern plains snow with the next clipper system move on through and more cool temps. out across the west you are high and dry and looking great. plenty of sunshine and nice temps as well. there you go, spring out across parts of the west. arizona. >> how does that sound? >> nice. it's always summer there. >> going there in a couple of days. >> you are? >> into phoenix. >> i notice that it was
7:35 am
47 degrees in new orleans. that's why brian is inside today. super bowl is tomorrow. is he having fun. with adrian peterson senne, brian? i i had a chance to talk to adrian. have you ever played kinect. adrian peterson is probably the better running back in the nfl. >> he is. >> why? because these two intimidating kids claim he is you like adrian peterson. >> yes. >> why? >> because is he strong and fast. >> strong and fast and you? >> he makes up a lot of yards on the run. >> here is adrian peterson sen talking about the secret to his success and unbelievable season. do you guys want to watch? >> yeah. >> let's do it. standing next to a guy too busy to talk to me adrian peterson sen. for a lot of people mvp of the
7:36 am
league. nine months ago in surgery. nine yards from the single season rushing record. thanks so much for giving me some of your time last game nine yards short of the all time single season record. did you go back and look at the tapes to see if the math was wrong to see if you could find those nine yards? >> i did. it was tough to swallow. accomplish the goal. that was to make the playoffs. we needed to get that win. going into that game i told myself, hay, i'm not worried about the record, you know, because the previous week i was caught up in it a little bit. i went out and played the game. >> your knee, you had the surgery. everyone is -- you have come back quicker and stronger than anybody else. why? have you figured out why? you have talked to your doctors? >> well, mentally. you know, like i say, i think it has a lot to do with genetics. >> because your parents are great athletes. your uncle played in the nfl. >> i had a couple of them who played nfl and prayer. prayer definitely works. definitely works. >> peyton manning did this
7:37 am
thick after two off. a lot of people think he he is the mvp adrian but you think you are the mvp. >> he had a remarkable year as well. peyton manning, you know. he doesn't have what two or three mvp's for no reason. >> ray rice 5'8". frank gore another punishing runner. you go to tackle him you will feel it. tell me about these two. >> i like full backs. i'm a bigger fan, i will be honest with you of frank gore. i like his north and south running pad. his low pad level and he has been doing it for a long time. ray rice is another guy that i like and i have a lot of respect for. >> you are here with x box talking about a way not only for kids to get active and it's so realistic. i wish i had time to play with you man, but i know you are coming off the season but i appreciate it and i'm sure kinect is glad to have you sponsoring their program. >> i can't let you go, man, i
7:38 am
challenge you to whatever you want to play. >> so let's do something where i think it will be kind of even. >> okay. >> let's box. >> you ready? let's go. >> oh, that hurt. i want one more round. did you knock me out again? i think the stars are a bad sign around my head. that is a good play, man. >> all right. so that's a look at adrian peterson sen, he believes he is going to be mvp. going to come down between him and peyton manning. for me it's got to be'. the bronchos were in without
7:39 am
peyton manning. peterson sen peterson or peyton manning. >> peterson. >> manning grew up in louisiana. >> i think the little girl next to you can punch harder than you. [ laughter ] >> that hurts my feelings, anna. i come off as very strong and confident but you just hurt my feelings. >> i'm sorry. >> i think i can take mike jarrett but not clayton. >> thanks so much. kids, good job. >> everybody having a good time? >> anna, would you want that x box for valentine's day? >> maybe some sort of electronic. >> a woman wouldn't mind electronics? looklook at our special guest. a man by the name of clayton. >> don't waste money on something that's going to die in a week. give them something that's you can use all year long. consumer electronics number one gifts during valentine's day surprisingly. great ones you can give on valentine's day that will last for many many years. and i think, you know, one of the number one consumer electronics at christmas this
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
valentine's day starts in the living room it may end up somewhere else. >> in the garage, yes. >> also very romantic. >> i have to leave. >> you may want to give something that's going to last for much longer time and you may want to use it on valentine's day, sony has some great compact cameras. they have really been pushing the envelope in the compact space. fti series. super compact. 16 mega pixels. great zoom. built in wi-fi so you can send photos from there to facebook, google plus, your other networks. >> super sassy, i love it. >> anna? >> yes, bob barker. >> happy valentine's day. here is an air blower. [ laughter ] >> i love you. >> i really know how to take that 8 a% of people caught entering the country are coming in from mexico. so, how can we fix our broken borders? a rancher who has seen it firsthand has got some ideas. we're going to be hearing from him after this break. >> first, another live look from the big easy.
7:43 am
boy, is brian having fun. look at the kids up so early. big game is tomorrow. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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7:47 am
ranch. are you right down on the mexican border? >> yes. five miles of my ranch is the international border. the ranch extends 19.5 miles in to the town of aravaka the ranch is basically 50,000 acres. mostly forest service land that i lease. >> jim, you know it's ease uphere in the northeast in new york city. to say here is the solution. the immigration reform plan that maybe is on the table right now. but you are living it every day of your life what is the solution? >> approximately five hundred people come through my ranch and are arrested every month the solution is the border patrol should secure the border at the border.
7:48 am
tucson, 70 miles from the border and it takes them two and a half hours to get to the border so they don't go. >> are you saying the solution has to include a fence not necessarily. it would be nice to have a fence. if they just stationed the border patrol in forward operation bases at the border, they could stop, i know they could stop the illegal entry of the druggers and a the cartel smuggling people into the nation. >> jim, if we have 11 million instant citizens. do you think the flood gates near your ranch are going to open even more? >> that's why that's why you have to secure the border first. the flood gates are going to open. at one time i had as many as 30 and 40,000 people coming through my ranch. >> 30 to 40,000 people through
7:49 am
your property? >> correct. >> they come across my ranch with ak 47s. and 20 people behind. often wear carpet shoes so people can't see their tracks. house. they arrested the day before yesterday. 10 druggers carrying huge packs of drugs. >> day before yesterday. so, jim, you are living a different reality than the rest of you was in the country talking about this immigration reform. thank you, sorry for the short amount of time. thank you so much for your perspective, jim.
7:50 am
got to move along here. hey, first it was school lunches. now the government is is trying to regulate vending machines? then, he said stop in the name of love. but this wedding proposal could lead to him spending time in the slammer instead of going to the chapel. our legal experts weigh in on this. oh, they are already at it. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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7:53 am
>> all right. 7:53 is the time. stop in the name of love. taking to the streets with hundreds of motorcycle gang members blocking a major highway in l.a. to help one of their own. something really nice proposed to his girlfriend. the california highway patrol
7:54 am
says it is now investigating the stunt and that felony charges for interfering with traffic could be filed. but should this groom to be need to face the court? here to debate this, fox news legal analyst arthur aidala, an attorney angeline gomez. thanks for coming in. >> good morning. >> angeline, start with you. you say basically this is not the place for a proposal? >> oh. no it's actually against the law. california law prohibits drivers from coming to a complete stand still on a busy highway impeding traffic. not only are the proposers the couple who are now on fiance. not only are they subject to charges. also more than 100 biker members. it's ridiculous. you saw it on tv. so what are they looking at? they are looking at misdemeanor charges of unlawful assembly, reckless driving, reckless driving, why? because these individuals should not have in any way planned. >> isn't it romantic just a
7:55 am
little bit? >> isn't it romantic? >> women get so upset about being proposed. >> it is a willful act. >> arthur you on the other side you said it shouldn't be the whole gang it's just one guy. >> you can imagine if he she said no? no, i'm not doing it. but, look, i usually represent these elements when they are really committing crimes like, you know, real crimes. yes, you are correct. it's a crime. but is this what we really want to clog the california justice. this is california. they are letting people out of jail for a one year sentence in like a week because they are overcrowded and they can't afford more jail room. okay. how about a little slap on the wrist. don't do it again. how many times is this going to happen in america? do you think everyone is going to stop traffic and propose. >> it's not going to harassment they are going to face criminal charges because, in 2010, the same thing happened with a rock band. they decided. >>, who everyone. >> freeway 101 freeway.
7:56 am
and they decided to have concert. >> we have got to leave it. >> continue the discussion in the commercial break. >> here is what is coming up on "fox & friends." is the attack at the u.s. embassy in turkey exactly what we saw in the days leading up to benghazi? we explore this top pibleg with governor mike huckabee at the top of the hour. then, are you fed up with facebook? one group is now launching its own social media site just for conservatives. and it's gaining steam. plus, a huge line up from new orleans in our owe ventricle brian kilmeade. don't you go anywhere. you are watching "fox & friends." to the best vacation spot on earth.
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8:00 am
learn the body language, the sudden signs, and spot a stroke f.a.s.t. >> 8:00 on the dot. i'm anna kooiman in for alisyn camerota. here is what is happening. the obama administration buckles in its battle with religious groups over othe contraception mandate. but will taxpayers end up footing the bill for the compromise? we will have the very latest. and an uphill battle for the man tapped to lead the pentagon. there is growing opposition to chuck hagel's nomination after he stumbled at his confirmation hearing. governor mike huckabee joins us this hour. >> and punxsutawney phil has made his prediction in case you missed it. >> know ye faithful there is no shadow to see, an early spring for you and me. [cheers and applause] >> no shadow means an early
8:01 am
spring. did i see my collar sticking out. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ let's get it started in here. let's get it started in here. >> all eyes are on new orleans this weekend. that is where our own brian kilmeade is he is down there live in new orleans at the convention center because all eyes on super bowl 47. brian, what do you have coming up for us this hour, man? >> clayton, we have lined up aaron foster one of the finest running back notice league. heart issues. whether he will get heart surgery cam newton one of bright stars in the nfl. he rallied the panthers to four straight victories at the end of the year. we will have a chance to sit
8:02 am
down kate upton. get to the bottom of what it is is like to be the "sports illustrated" supermodel rookie of the year in 2010 and be on the cover in 2011. talk about what it makes to make in the modeling room mike jerrick broke into this industry the same way. all these kids came out to work out at the nfl experience. ravens cheerleaders as you saw. what i'm going to do for you first time on live television. i will bring you into the huddle, almost like do you remember that -- the xfl they brought you into the huddle? i will call the play. we will run a play. all right. here we go. >> what are we running, contemporary? 28 toss. >> on one. >> 28 toss on one. >> are you guys ready? >> 1, 2, 3. break. >> where is shy center? [ laughter ] >> go. on one, go.
8:03 am
[kids growling] >> it must be loud in there. kind of like at seattle. >> a fumble. brian, i didn't know you could use multiple footballs. i think i saw three of them popping out of there. it looks like one of our meetings after the show. producers attacking him. getting attacked by kids. just because is he bigger than everybody else doesn't mean he should be muscling through. get out of my way little girl. >> come on 8-year-old. [ laughter ] >> since brian has now been trampled by 8-year-olds. we may not see him the rest of the show. we will check back. >> get to your headlines this saturday morning. here is what we have for you north korea threatening to retaliate against the united states for what it is calling double standards. sanctions north korea for launching missiles like this one you see back in december. allies and south korea launched a rocket on wednesday to measure weather data in
8:04 am
space. that has north korea saying it should also be allowed to test its rocket. the communist nation has also threatened a third nuclear test. >> the hits just keep on coming for yankee slugger alex rodriguez. new reports say the head of the miami drug clinic being investigated for a doping operation allegedly injecting a rod with performance enhancing drugs as recently as last year. espn is reporting that anthony bausch would inject rodriguez every few weeks at the star's mansion in miami. he claims rodriguez and bausch, those are claims that both of them are denying this morning. a rod said he he only took peds from 2001 to 2003. not long ago we got our annual groundhog day groundhog prediction. check it out. >> know ye faithful there is no shadow to see an early spring for you and me. [cheers and applause]
8:05 am
>> would hooh. punxsutawney phil didn't see his shadow. that means we are in for early spring. thousands packed in to watch phil emerge from his layer for the 127th year in a row. and those are your headlines. >> rick, and it seems like people camped out there overnight. 30,000 people pouring into gobbler's knob. >> and it got into single digits. tell them spring who s. here. >> i like the sentiment spring being here would be nice, wouldn't it? >> it would be. like we saw last week it is 65 degrees. maybe phil is on to something. >> maybe, i don't think so. no real signs of big spring happening anywhere. maybe down across parts of the west. that's not abnormal at all. lake-effect snow, gives you good indication of what exactly what that is. wind moves over these lakes. part of the lake is not frozen yet. temp actually over 40 odegrees, air temperature moving over it is into the single digits, into the low teens. that actually causes that lift
8:06 am
and we end up seeing some pretty significant lake-effect snow band. buffalo has been getting hammered. up toward water town as well. couple of those bands dumping a foot of snow. clipper moving here. we will see some snow possibly down across parts of mississippi. northern mississippi under winter weather advisory. few flurries through there. maybe sleet at times. the highest accumulations once you get a little elevation across pars of the central am legs. move forward throughout the afternoon we will see decent snow moofl in towards the pittsburgh area overnight around midnight. he we will see snow move in from around philadelphia up towards new york city and providence and then we will see more of that snow develop tomorrow as a bit of a kind of nor'easter develops for part of far northern new england. not a big problem. temp wise cold there across the plains. little bit cooler in the south not that bad. cold air stays with us to the
8:07 am
north till about thursday. still some winter for at least a few days. >> thanks so much, rick. we will check back in later. we want to bring this governor huckabee about one of the big stories and thenned up breaking on a friday afternoon and correct me if i am wrong, but i think when you have good news, right and you are in the administration you put it out on a mopped or tuesday. news cycles through the whole week. not own a friday afternoon. right before the super bowl. we're talking about this religious mandate in obama care. trying to placate some religious organizations so they wouldn't have to pay for contraception the devil is in the details. >> not a lot of details. accommodation. we are going to play a shell game with the whole idea. contraceptions provided by the insurance company. they get a credit from the government. it's that the employer doesn't technically pay for it so, you can call it an accommodation. but it doesn't affly private businesses whose owners might have a strong personal
8:08 am
objection and a religious objection to the morning after pill, for example. and it doesn't really give the kind of blanket i think exemption that a lot of organizations, businesses, and churches really believe are necessary. >> this is a very narrow group. >> yeah, very narrow group. >> there is going to be an expansion on this at all? >> it's not. one of the things that they require is that you have to be a religious organization by having religious services. so, for example, let's say you are a charity organization that provides food for children over the weekend. you don't have a church service. so you are not exempt. it shows that the obama creation, i believe, is stretching to try to give the allusion that they're accommodating people of faith. the real fundamental problem is that this is the first time where government is saying oh, you can believe, but you can't believe this much. we are going to restrict what your convictions are to a level that the government
8:09 am
predetermines. that is the dangerous precedent regardless of whether you like or don't like the abortion pill. >> right. and it's not fair to small business owners either. if they happen to have a religious or moral issue with the morning after pill or birth control either. >> there are a lot of people who are business owners. they did build their business. you know, they have strong objections on a moral basis to having to provide abortion in a bottle. they are just simply not going to do it. hobby lobby is in court. they have lost a few battles. if they lose this battle, it's a 1.3-million-dollar a day issue for hobby lobby. >> a day. >> even more importantly, for every business in the united states, whose owner in a privately held business. not a publicly held company. privately held family observed business is going to be dictated by the government as to the limit of what you can believe and how you can apply that faith and belief. >> let's talk about what happened yesterday at u.s. embassy in turkey. >> yeah.
8:10 am
>> we are not as safe and everybody leads to you believe are he we, anywhere in the world. >> we are not. prediction where some terrorist activity comes. that's part of the way they work. strike at the place we are not expecting. the one difference between this and benghazi is the administration didn't wait 17 days to call it terror. >> 17 seconds. >> i think they learned something from benghazi they don't want to go through it again. >> is it timing too because of the election? >> it may have something to do with it. part ever the narrative was look we have killed bin laden and drones killing people around we don't have a terrorist problem. they have to come to grips terrorism is certainly north dead. important to me whether taling it one thing or not is whether we responded to the acto come we saw a state department report that mostly cloudy put forth for the need to be changed she said it was an absolute mess. did we learn anything from
8:11 am
that or is this benghazi 2.0? >> you can't recent every tears attack. >> let's notten fair. i don't want to give anyone the impression that i think obama's administration or the state department can prevent and preclude every terrorist attack because that's unrealistic. it's how we respond to them. did we respond to intelligence in advance? we didn't in benghazi, i don't know what the intelligence reports may have been in turkey second thing is when it does happen are we going to acknowledge that it was terror and are we going to do something about it significantly. >> if somebody paid the price for these attacks do you know what i mean? yesterday. my heart sunk when i first moved to new york governor, ed koch was mayor. >> what a great man. >> you met him quite a few times. >> i met him when i was running for president back in 2008. i had the opportunity to get to know him because he and i have a common ground of strong support for israel. and so, you know, his signature line as you know is
8:12 am
how am i doing? my first line was when i walked in his office is hey mayor how am i doing? he said you are doing good, huckabee. one the things that made him incredible figure. he had that sense of wanting to bring people together. he understood nobody would love him all the time. and yet, he believed that he could lead by bringing people from all walks of life together. and he had such an indomable powerful spirit. you. >> you always knew where he stood. >> it wasn't like he would take a poll before he gave you an answer. >> we will hold you through the commercial break and talk more about shuck hagel and the senate confirmation hearing. >> lovely. >> and the bruising that he got. 12 minutes after the hour now. also after the break, this super bowl commercial will likely be one that you are not going to be forgetting. the star of it kate upton joins us live. i'm trying to read slowly so you can see her face. don't you want to see her
8:13 am
face, guys? they are having fun at the super bowl. it's tomorrow. hi, i'm phil mickelson.
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we do have a position on
8:17 am
containment, which is we do not favor containment. >> well, we're back with governor huckabee right now for his reaction to this very uncomfortable confirmation hearing on senator hagel there. what was your take away when you were watching this. >> the word comes to mind is awkward. it was the worst performance since roseanne barr attempted to single national anthem at the baseball game. >> ouch. >> it was dismal. i don't know how anyone, even the democrats who love him the most and want him to be confirmed can defend his performance which was, in fact, just an absolute disaster. >> it struck me is that he he looked like he he was woefully under prepared. was this part of the strategy look under prepared so he came out swinging. >>. president obama first presidential debate against mitt rom. >> i don't know about strategy. i think it was collapse of preparation. if that's a strategy. then god help us if that's going to determine how we will will prepare for war.
8:18 am
this is a pepper we are talking about for secretary of defense to lead the single most important institution in our government our defense forces. he didn't realize the secretary of defense had a policy function? i'm not sure what he thinks he is going to do. read military magazines and go look at some hardware. >> the good things about him is that, you know, the troops can really relate to him. he has purple hearts. shrapnel in the chest. but he he is not in charge of veterans affairs. he he would be in charge of our armed forces if he qualified and do you think he is going to get confirmed? >> i'm afraid he will get confirmed. i hope not. i would like to think that there would be some democrats, some prominent ones like chuck schumer and others who are strong supporters of israel. democrats but very strong supporters of israel who would recognize that this guy is soft on iran. hard on israel. the exact opposite of what our policy ought to be. >> almost seemed like he was embarrassed by his answers. >> he should be he ought to be
8:19 am
embarrassed by what he said. when lindsey graham said when he pointed out goaded into dumb decisions. he couldn't. one senator pushed into voting for something he shouldn't have, he he couldn't do it. when john mccain pressed him on the issue of whether or not, you know, he repudiated the staples about the surge. stumbled. he stammered he couldn't get himself. >> what's wrong with saying yes, i was against the surge? that wouldn't preclude. >> honesty is refreshing. if he said i was against the surge and you know what? i was wrong. the surge ended up, wog. i didn't think it would. i wasn't sure that it should it worked but you know what? i made a mistake on that. >> then they could have moved on. >> now they have camped out and built a fire and they have toasted marshmallows over this guy. >> governor huckabee's show 8:00 p.m. tonight on the fox news channel. who do you have coming up? >> general jack cain will be with us. four star general to talk about what's happening in the military. a couple of congressman to
8:20 am
talk about will republicans go with the immigration policy? of course there is much more that i don't even have time to tell you. >> i enjoy the much more though. >> the machine more -- much more is the best. she is going to mary tyler moore much more. >> you may not be able to prevent something as spontaneous as work place violence. can you protect yourself. we are live with the former nypd detective harry hook. and he is going to be showing us how. >> then, a wild side on the highway stops traffic. tell you how these mini horses wound up on the road. that's not something you see every day. >> mini horses, jerry.
8:21 am
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8:24 am
>> hello to you, 8:23 is the time. quick headlines for you. iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad unveiling military's new fighter jet. the jet is is said to be able to fly at a very low altitude to avoid radar detection. it reportedly can bomb ground targets or fight other aircraft and is built by iranian experts. take a look at these miniature horses that tied up traffic in oklahoma. the pair apparently escaped from their property and were running alongside the highway. drivers well they pulled over and were trying to help these animals but the welfare workers who were trying to wound them up -- round them up the horses were caught and taken away. >> authorities say a 70-year-old man opened fire in a phoenix law firm this week and our clayton morris has not more on that right now. hey, clayton. >> always saying these
8:25 am
headlines this week when that 70-year-old man opened fire at that law firm. shooting is the latest incident with the recent studies showing one in five work place deaths are linked to violence. what can do you to improve your chance of survive at work. harry hawkeye a private investigation' firm. harry joins us now. you go into businesses on a regular basis and help them train for just such as these attacks? >> exact limb. the key to survivability is having a plan. if you don't have a plan, an event like this happens and you wait until it happens, there is a good chance that you going to be severely injured. >> we see this more and more. we saw this law firm shooting. we see it again and again. we saw the tragedy at sandy hook elementary school up in connecticut. one of the first plans that you say to do is to have an applan and have an escape plan search aware of in the office space. we staged this in our newsroom to give an example it what it would look like if there is some kind of a shooting that would take place down here.
8:26 am
>> correct. first thing is escape let's say the shooter is coming in from the door. first thing you will hear is shots yelling and screaming. you have got to have your plan already in mind what you are going to do. the first option is is to escape. okay? if you think you can make it out of here, and make it to the exit down the hallway here, okay, that's fine. you have got a straight hallway here. which is kind of bad. okay? because you can get shot running down this hallway. so if you decide that you want to run down that hallway, the best thing to do is to zigzag? all right less chance of being shot. okay? >> sort of what our soldiers do. >> exactly typical military and police training second thing you need to do is hide. >> some of the exits are blocked. so way to get to some of these exits do your best. we saw that in the sandy hook shooting. teachers trying to hide their students inside closet which
8:27 am
saved their lives. example like this in our newsroom here what would we do to hide? where would we governmental you have two great rooms here. all right? one thing you can do if you can't make to a room is maybe hide under the desk, okay? go into the room first here, all right? got a great room here. we have a lived door and great lock on this door. so he we are come into the room. we're going to shut that door. okay? once that door is is shut. you are going to take a barrier like this and push in front of the door and barricade yourself inside. this room is really good. you have got another one here, if you have got two of them barricade yourself in there until the police get you out. the first two or three minutes is the most important time in an active shooter incident. because that's when all the killing is done. it's when all the shooting is done. it's going to take the police two to three minutes to get here and might have to coordinate outside it might be longer than that for them to be able to get in. >> god forbid then you have
8:28 am
some individuals who may even hide irunder their desk. >> if you have to, depending on what your location is, you could hide under your desk, all right? and then all you have to really do is put a chair in front of you and then hopefully the shooter won't. >> visually you are out of the way. >> know, in you have got a last resort here. the hallways are blocked. you can't get out the hallway door. hiding is not an option for you. you are confronted with this guy with a gun fighting. the last resort. >> right. this is the last resort. you have to remember that that is the last resort. the fight. if you have got to attack the shooter. don't go unarmed. and you have to use what you have available to you here in your office. all right? we have got a letter opener. all right? so even the minute you get up from your dosk escape. grab something. grab some kind of weapon. you don't know if you are going to run into somebody or not. you have got a pair of scissors and fire extinguisher. these are the things that we found around this office here.
8:29 am
this that fire extinguisher if you blow it into a guys face hit them with it. >> great tips here. harry haulk for any information on any of this stuff, harry how can you -- you do this for a living. >> contact me on haulk i would be glad to help out anybody. >> hope something like that doesn't happen. we know it's all too common in these past two weeks. >> you have got to be prepared. >> a couple couple of them this week. >> first it was school lunches now the government is trying to regulate vending machines? the food police are at it again. >> grab me a ding coming. plus, america's favorite fowl hunters are back. i love these guys. i watch this show all the time. the as far stars of duck dynaste down in new orleans with their beards and brian. new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain.
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8:33 am
>> fox news alert. another day of tense negotiations with a man holding a 5-year-old boy in a bunker in alabama. live in midland city live with the very latest. what you can tell us?
8:34 am
good morning, a very chilly saturday morning little boy remains in captivity right over left hand soldier. crying for parents and grandparents. that of his captor. those of authorities pvc flight like this one. 60-foot long pvc pipe from the roadway down into the underground bunker. we are getting brand new photographs out from ricky he was first on the crime scene. these children just witnessed not only a kidnapping but a murder. you can see the terror in their faces. their parents are trying to get home home safely. we are getting very few details from authorities. however, we do have a picture of the suspect jimmy lee dykes being released yesterday. is he 65 years old. he is accused of kidnapping his boy and shooting charles albert poland who was trying to rescue these kids from that school bus on tuesday. we heard from his brother-in-law. this is what he told us.
8:35 am
it was laughter and love he would have for the kids. he would come in and talk to them. he would say honey, it was a good day. he would talk about his -- he said my youngings. he did. it was his young'ns when he had them on the bus. >> now, poland will be laid to rest tomorrow afternoon. we know they are having the funeral at a civic center locally here to host thousands of people because a church simply be too small for how many people are interested in coming. back to you. >> hey, elizabeth, do you know if this guy this jimmie lee dykes has a tv or anything down there? can he see what's going on outside? >> we have heard reports that there are -- there is a tv inside that bunker. it was outfitted with food and water. authorities have not given any indication that he is watching media reports. they are being awfully sensitive on what they do tell us. obviously very tack kick call. they have been given medicine and crayons to try to keep them busy as well.
8:36 am
thank you so much. 8:30 is the time this saturday morning. other headlines to get to. the government is now trying to regulate what kids can snack on? a new proposal from the department of agriculture. junk food in school vending machines would get kicked to the curb and replaced with healthy food instead. the usda says each item can be no more than 200 calories and must meet other nutritional guidelines for fats and sugar. facebook right wing users are starting a spin off rather and it's just for conservatives. the tea party community officially launches today and they already have nearly 100,000 members. we spoke with the co-founder earlier this morning to find out way to is so needed. they are shutting us up. they are sensors us. we can't post. we can't add friends. it's a mess. >> ken crow went on to explain that the site will help to coordinate members of the tea party as it has been criticized in the past for being more disorganized
8:37 am
lately. the postal service is trying to talk their way out of $700 in traffic tickets in east cleveland, ohio. the mail trucks were busted by traffic cameras for speeding and running red lights. a lawyer for the postal service says the fines should be dismissed because government employees are immune to state and local regulations. but east cleveland's mayor says agencies own safety manual says employees should and have been held accountable. those are your headlines. >> that happened to me one time i ran a red light in station vehicle in my first job and i was on the cell phone and they got the picture of that. >> ouch. >> then you were on your own local news that night. >> right. >> check in with rick reichmuth now. >> that's happened to him a ton of times. >> on the opposite station. competitive station. hey, guys, really quickly, welcome to new york. fox news and. >> barry manilow. they are have chicago. chicago has barely had any snow this year.
8:38 am
3 and a half inches, 17 inches below what you should have had at this time. well below averages for snow. that is not good when it comes time for planting this year. so, no big still on the way. there is a lot of white on the map that's all just some light snow coming from a couple of clippers move. down to the southeast we will see plenty of sunshine and nice day in florida. getting up to 71 in mall veteran. texas, you are looking great. into the northern plains. another clipper moves on later today and the temperatures remain cold. send it back to you inside. >> is this the kate upton interview? >> hard to say. brian kilmeade down in new orleans. brian, is it kate upton or somebody else? >> bearded guys. >> duck dynasty guys. >> countdown to kate upton you have met her yet? >> have not. >> you are about to. the stars of the popular show extremely popular show duck dynasty are gearing up for season three. watch.
8:39 am
>> i think i lost my redneck? >> yeah, you are slipping. >> how about this? >> i'm go to go crazy redneck up in here. >> yeehaw. >> america's favorite fowl hunters. joining us live from the home of super bowl 47 our brothers. willie and jays robertson their gadd did not make the trips. welcome, guys. appreciate you being here. >> it's like being with elvis and paul mccartney. you walk in this building and walk anywhere, people want to take pictures with you. i'm old news. >> you can believe that? we stand out in a crowd what can i say. >> season 2 finale drew 6.5 million. you are the number one trending tv show on facebook 2012. tell me the magic of your families. why do you think people like what you guys do? >> i think the family -- it's just pro-family. i think that message came across. i hear it all the time.
8:40 am
thank you so much for something my whole family can watch. we sit down with the kids, the grandparents, they watch it together. and the family values along with some comedy and odd look, i think it's working. >> so you guys were successful before the show. that's what people should understand. you were successful for what, chase? >> because we guilt great products and we worked hard and we stuck together. >> you use swamp wood to make your own duck call, right? >> we invent. we are inventors. >> people said who spotted you and said this is a show? >> productions we were with he sent me an email for the information duck commander and said i think you guys have a big show here. here we are. >> it's a great story about brothers and the super bowl a great story about brothers you believe. >> i'm the ceo. >> and this year one -- this
8:41 am
is your kids start dating this year, right? >> yeah, they are dating so there is obviously things that come along with that that make me nervous. >> real quick. your duck calls give me one call. give me mallard. >> mallard hands. [quacking] >> what did you give me? you have got to have the sound in your heads. >> back to new york. >> that's as good as kate upton. >> so the whole tv theme doesn't work out maybe you can do the duck calling? >> coming up on the show, u.s. embassies under siege around the world.
8:42 am
the latest tack in turkey. is this the right time for the obama administration to be cutting spending and congress to be cutting military spending? >> plus if tomorrow games starts to disappoint you, there is always this. hello, kate. >> the start of kate upton joins us live from new orleans next. @@ in america tay we're running out of a vital resource we need
8:43 am
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8:45 am
>> so nice to see you, 8:45 is the time. u.s. embassies under siege. a homicide bomber kills a security guard at our embassy in turkey the perpetrators of the deadly attacks in benghazi libya still not brought to justice. is this the right time tort obama administration to really be slashing military spending? other guest is the ceo of concerned veterans for america. is he with us from boston. good morning to you.
8:46 am
>> good morning. thanks for having me. >> really, that was just another reminder and rude awakening yesterday that attack in turkey that we may not be as safe as we think we are. and the world is a very dangerous place. now the time to be cutting spending? >> now is the time to be cutting spending. now is not the time to be cutting and gutting the defense department the way sequestration is. i understand vets understand $16 trillion in debt is not suggestion stainable. we cannot sustain the way the government is spending money defense department. we need to reform the way the defense department spends money and then also address the largest drivers much our debt and deficit mandatory spending programs. medicare, medicaid, social security that have not solvent. if we don't fix them and reform them. we will overwhelm our budget in a way that we continue to chop our budget the way you have seen the defense budget. it way you have see this administration do it. failure of leadership. chong the military ainstead much addressing the real
8:47 am
problems of out-of-control spending. russia and iran being closer to having a nuclear weapon. are we really thinking that -- i mean, what can we possibly do in our lawmakers are not balancing the books the way that they should be? >> well, we demand change. i mean, my organization concerned vets for america trying to inject veterans voice into this discussion to say we understand what a threat looks like. i have walked on the battlefield and i know what a bad guy looks like. if we don't get our spending under control as admiral mullen says the single largest threat to national security. dysfunction is washington is the biggest threat we face. if we don't get these things in order cop out, bad policy like sequestration that guts our military and navy fleet and guts our marine corps and army in a a way we can't afford in a dangerous world. at the same time we have to recognize we better get our spending under control. dod can contribute to that by cutting fat. being smarter how it spends
8:48 am
the dollars it does have. ultimately we have got to find courage in washington to get it under control. >> you mentioned gutting our fleet. what's going to happen in something happens in north north korea. >> let's ships, training, and therefore less deploimentsd. these carrier groups are not going to be able to get out to be where they need to be and do what they need to do if they don't have the money on the front end. that is what you will see down the line. navy project power. 70% of the world is water. 80% live near water. this is how america projects power. if we allow i'm an army guy. we need our navy. and we need it strong and ability to project and cutting it and gutting it, we cannot afford it in this dangerous world today. >> all right, pete. thank you so much. we have to leave it there who are you going for in the super bowl, buddy? >> who am i going for in the super bowl? >> ravens, i guess. my wife is a steelers fan. >> enjoy your wings and beverages. 8:48 is the time now. taxed to the max from pro-golfers phil mickelson and
8:49 am
tiger woods to tina turner. has the american tax revolt begun? and are the resident's policies to blame. plus, will it be the most memorable commercial super 47. kate upton joins brian kilmeade live from new orleans. that's next. and she throws a football, too. officemax knows... time can be...well...taxing. so right now we'll give you... ...$10 off any turbo tax deluxe level software or higher! find thousands of big deals now... officemax. by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy,
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and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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8:52 am
>> mike and i want to get a little closer. >> is this the kate upton thing? >> come on. >> brian kilmeade is down in
8:53 am
new orleans. >> where is she? >> kate, i apologize for them, okay? evidently they have not seen you. and there is is a restraining order that keeps you a few thousand miles away. i'm embarrassed for those two. all right, along with the big game. most americans will are tuning into the super bowl to watch the commercials. here is one that i would like to you see. ♪ please allow me to introduce myself ♪ i'm amazed- >> give me a smile. >> so many a man. [cheers] >> pleased to meet you. >> and there you go. there she is. the one on the red carpet. kate upton is with us. if you blink though you might miss her. kate upton in the ceo mercedes benz welcome to both of you. >> thank you for having us. >> we know good move getting kate upton i might add.
8:54 am
>> i think so. >> kate, what did you think when they approached you. you were ushered in this spot. william dufoe what are you thinking. >> i immediately said yes. it's mercedes bins. it's such a great company and the contract is amazing. affordable for the younger generation. i'm all about it. >> came out in 2008 miami go to audition pretty good. end up in new york. does it feel like a whirlwind for you? it does. last year i was on the cover of "sports illustrated." the rest of the year seems like a blur. >> 2011, "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. rookie of the year. last year on the cover. so this brings me back to you, steve. mercedes top of the line. looking at the top of the line now with a wonderful personality. you put out an ad that is digits different than the ad we thought we would see. >> you have got to bring your
8:55 am
a game if you are in the super bowl, you have got step up to bigger production. for us, sort of adding some star power. we are going to be introducing new star with the cla. aimed at a younger generation with kate and usher and william that was us bringing our a game. >> that's an example of that. now, mercedes has had a great year. in a time in which many americans are tightening their belts. mercedes seems luxury, how do you explain that? >> i think confidence is coming back. the stock market just kind of hit 14,000. we have housing coming back. we had a record year last year. we are off to a record start in january. so, we're seeing some confidence come back into the market and people are expressing that with their wallets. >> absolutely. now, kate, what about for you? what would it mean for you to be on the cover again this year. >> it would be amazing but if i'm not, whoever gets it is very lucky. it's going to be exciting. >> is acting the ultimate goal? is supermodel the ultimate goal? what are you thinking? >> my ultimate goal was to get the cover of "sports
8:56 am
illustrated." >> nailed it? >> got it. >> check. so, right now i'm really enjoying what is happening. and everything that is happening i really didn't expect. so, i'm playing it by ear. >> what do you think is going to happen in the game? how is this thing going to play out in kate upton's mind. ravens, 49ers. 6:30 kickoff. what happens. >> hopefully the 49ers win. they were so close last year. i want them to go all the way. >> you feel the same way, steve? >> i want a close game because our spot is in the fourth quarter at the two minute warning. >> you are a guy out there for the commercials. >> i am. >> kate is talking football and steve is talking commercials. >> i'm a giants fan, sorry. >> i know last year was our year. and if you go to the superdome now, one of the big difference since 2001 it's wrapped with mercedes bins. >> big branding. >> that's fantastic. kate upton good to see you. congratulations on your success and i hope to see you again soon. don't be afraid to hang out and play football with the kids. >> i will for sure. >> thanks, guys. be back more for the super
8:57 am
bowl and place new york city 1211 sixth avenue with those two guys. hope flip they are not still gawking. [ male announcer ] you like who you are...
8:58 am
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>> 9:00 o'clock on the dot. you ready for a great weekend? i'm an i can't kooiman, it's saturday, february 2. i'm filling in for alisyn camerota. a rough ride for president obama's pick to run the pentagon. chuck hagel's hearing has some lawmakers questioning his competence. the white house thinks he did just fine? >> i'm mike in for kate upton of the tax to the max from pro golfers phil mickleson and tiger woods to tina turner. celebrities are fleeing from high taxes. has the american tax revolt begun and is the white house, well, their policy to blame for it? plus, a pep rally get into the spirit of love.
9:01 am
did she say yes? we'll have to find out if that coach said yes. "fox & friends" hour four begins right now. ♪ kicking your cat all over the place ♪ ♪ singing we will, we will rock you ♪ ♪ . >> kate upton, she's not a 5. she's 10. >> you are welcome, america. there she is down at the convention center with brian kilmeade being kind enough to stand off camera. oh, no, i'm wrong. i thought he was. brian kilmeade down at the super bowl, what do you have coming up this hour besides kate upton? >> we have breaking news in a couple of minutes -- we thought she was pulling for the 49ers, but what has just happened? >> peer pressure. >> brian: what happened? the raven cheerleaders have got to you. >> they did an amazing stunt and
9:02 am
i was sold. >> brian: and that was it. one stunt. can we see that one more time, guys? this is what won over kate upton, keep this in mind. there you go. so kate saw that and go all right, i'll pull for the ravens. just like that. >> now i have both. i'm just confused. you know, i'm blond. >> brian: you know what, there is a lot of people who would like to win you over to their side. >> which way do you think i should go? >> brian: i think this is a woman in a free country that should make up her own mind a. short time ago, she told a national audience she was for the 49ers. a lot of times 2 1/2 minutes later you can change your mind. i say stick to the ravens and there you go. we'll only know when we see you cheering at the game. >> exactly. i'll see you last minute. >> brian: i know them pretty
9:03 am
well. if you wanted to cheer fort ravens, could she grab a pom pom for the game? you want to do do some stunts for the game, we could work that out. you don't think so? thanks so much for coming by. we're really happy and i'm sorry about clayton and mike gawking at 3u thousand miles away. i won't let that happen again. >> i don't think i've seen brian kilmeade smile from ear to ear like that's morning. >> brian: coming up later, arian foster coming up and cam newton, i believe we just saw him here. he is going to be on shortly. he just walked in the building. we'll end up with two of the nfl's finest athletes and we have the finest cheerleaders and one of america's most attractive, vivacious personalities in kate upton. i don't know if we can give you much more. maybe a cook segment. >> we got the military there to forget kate from you. >> brian: the louisiana national
9:04 am
and international guard. >> thanks, brian. >> i apologize for the gawking, do you know she's only 20 years old? >> she's legal. >> i apologize. >> our studio crew was on wick pedia to figure that out. one of our stage men yelled out, she's 20! now i feel embarrassed by that. >> we need to get to real news this morning. four minutes after the hour. the attack on the american embassy in turkey an act of terror? just hours after it happened, a turkish guard was killed and one person was injured bay homicide bomber. the turkish government says it was a member of a left ring readial group, but a ambassador isn't quick to believe that. >> i think that's very unlikely. i think it's much more likely that it is al-qaeda or some affiliate, possibly iran. we're four months after the attack on benghazi. no visible retaliation owe retribution by the united states
9:05 am
and i'm afraid that people have gotten the impression that american embassies are subject to that sort of behavior. >> the september 11 attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi left four americans dead, including ambassador chris stevens. the white house announcing a long-waited compromise for obamacare's birth control mandate. but some critics say it's just a gimmick. nonprofit employers like hospitals and schools can now opt out. companies like hobby lobby, whose owner objects on religious and moral grounds cannot. critics argue this latest move does not go far enough and all companies should be exempted from the mandate if they want. this convicted murderer you're about to see behind bars this morning after accidentally being released from jail. steven robins was arrested late last night about 60 miles from where he was set free after a court case in chicago. he was let go because paperwork was lost.
9:06 am
he will now continue serving his 60-year sentence. not long ago we got our annual groundhog day weather prediction. >> all you faithful, there is no shadow to see. an early spring for you and me! >> punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow. that means we are in for an early spring. thousands packed into gobblers nod to watch him emerge for the 127th year in a row and make that legendary forecast. those are your headlines. we're happy about that. >> it's one of the only days of the year that rick is excited to see gobblers nob all morning. >> just off camera. just in your ear. it's cold out and windy. it feels like minus 36 in international falls. you had an actual air temperature this morning of mine news 39. that doesn't break a record. very, very cold air. everybody around the great great
9:07 am
lakes and the northeast, that's where all the cold air is. it's going to stay that way, at least 'til about thursday of this week. also winds moving across the lakes. we have this pretty couple of significant lake effect snow bands from buffalo up around niagara falls and towards the plateau around watertown. we have a clipper system moving in, was toward chicago. new across parts of the ohio valley and down to the ten continue valley e. that will bring snow throughout much of the afternoon and evening and across parts of this appalachian area where we might see two or three inches of snow across the higher elevations. everybody else seeing a duster of an inch or so. that snow this afternoon pulls in towards parts of pennsylvania, west virginia. by tonight it moves off the shore. we'll see snow around washington, d.c. and towards new york city and then by tomorrow, watching it for boston. this is tomorrow morning. potentially seeing a strong coastal storm form right there, potentially bringing significant snow towards boston. very windy and snowy along with
9:08 am
it. temperature wise, looking like this for everybody across the country, not that bad. a little cooler towards atlanta for your day today. with you but we keep talking about the northern plains and the northeast 'cause that's where all the weather is. everybody else, you're dry and look fine. >> thanks so much. >> it was frigid in washington, d.c did you happen to see senator hagel's confirmation hearing this week? boy, he got a cold shoulder from the senators on that committee going through his secretary of defense confirmation hearings. if you missed any of it, mike huckabee described it as awkward. what does the word that springs to mind when you watch this. here are some highlights. watch. >> if you would like me to explain why -- >> i honestly would like an answer, yes or no? >> well, i'm not gog give you a yes or no. i think it's far more complicated than that, as i've already said. my answer is i'll defer that judgment to history. >> i think history has made a judgment about the surge, sir. and you're on the wrong side of it.
9:09 am
>> do you think it's right that israel was committing a, quote, sickening slaughter, as you said on the floor of the senate? >> i think, again, i would want to read all of it, what i said. first i've said many, many times, senator, every nation has a right to defend itself. >> do you think a sickening slaughter would constitute a war crime? >> no. depends on they were attacked. depends on many factors. >> why do you think that the iranian foreign ministry so strongly supports your nomination to be the secretary of defense? >> i have a difficult enough time with american politics, senator. i have no idea, but thank you. >> already, according to the fox news channel brain room, we're hearing 12 gop senators said they are giving a no vote and only one has pledged to wrote yes. >> that committee, though, looks like it's going to confirm him. 14-12 votes e that where it will
9:10 am
take place. it appears even despite the pretty brutal hearing the other day, complete contrast to mike what you were saying, the john kerry hearings which sort of sailed through, he's still going to get confirmed. >> it just seemed like he was embarrassed by some of the answers, if he told the truth, isn't it always best just to say the truth? i, like a lot of people, didn't believe in the surge and this is why. and i don't know why that would preclude you from being confirmed. >> if it's your record, there is no denying it. just say yes, i was wrong. this is what i thought and i was wrong and, you know, who knows? that self-depractice indication is sometimes welcomed. >> absolutely. >> that's one of his best qualities. hi they say to mention a few good things. he's a great leader. he would be the first confirmed secretary of defense who had been enlisted, he has a couple purple hearts. the troops would really relate
9:11 am
well to him. he has shrapnel in his chest. he's a war hero and great leader. he's not exactly going for veterans affairs. he's going to be in charge of our armed forces. >> yeah. juxtapose what you just said to what we saw on camera, though, yesterday. again, governor huckabee said awkward. >> other people saw it differently, like at the white house. they thought it was a pretty good job. listen to jay carney. >> i think senator hagel answered the questions appropriately and did a fine job. we believe he'll be confirmed. as i said before, he has -- i think there has been an increase in the number of senators who will support him, not a decrease. >> an increase in the number of senators in that committee vote, 14-12. we'll see if that confirmation goes through. the white house seems to think it will. not without some bruises, though, along the way. >> get on facebook and twitter. do you think he did a good job,
9:12 am
senator chuck hagel? if you get all the democrats to say yes, you only need four or five republicans to get the confirmation. >> we'd love for to you weigh in. next up. from pro golfers, phil mickleson and tiger woods and tina turner, these celebrities with are getting taxed to the max. has the tax revolt started in america? >> iran claimed it successfully launched this monkey into space. but was it all fraud? more on the monkey business straight ahead.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
he 1996 it was tiger woods. then it was phil mickleson. wealthy athletes, celebrities and businessmen say they're fed fed up with california's high taxes and some of them are
9:16 am
heading out. so is a tax revolt started in america? joining us with is the author of the ultimate obama survival guide, wayne allen root. wayne, nice to see you. welcome to the show. >> clayton, good morning. >> we talked about phil mickleson, tiger woods, others, including tina turner, one of the co-founders of facebook, manny pack i don't. this isn't new though, right? wayne, we've seen tiger woods lived in florida since 1996, getting out of california for all the high taxes there. phil mickleson saying the tax is so high in california, basically wanting to move. >> yeah. it's nothing new. as a matter of fact, there has been a tax rebellion going on in this country for years and nobody has noticed. you look at the u.s. census and the states that are getting all the population have no taxes at all. zero state income tax. nevada, florida, texas, tennessee, states that have lower or no income tax and the states that are losing all the population are michigan, new
9:17 am
york, california, new jersey, connecticut, illinois, obama's state. when the taxes are high, businessmen are running away with their assets and their incomes. >> california in a weird predicament because 1978 is when the proposition model went into place so that the voters there basically would vote for new programs, but not be able to vote to increase any revenue to be able to pay for it. right? so they're having to get it another way and that's driving people out of that state. >> listen, the argument for me is the other side. i lived in california for 13 years. property taxes were reasonable because of prop 13 and all those other tax were killing me. so the fact is, you have to add it all together. federal income taxes, your deductions, your state income taxes, your sales tax, your property taxes. when you add everything together, clayton, living in california has become a nightmare for businessmen and women. it's not affordable anymore. it's not affordable to live in obama's america anymore because the taxes are killing business
9:18 am
people. the rules, the regulations. so it's funny that there is a rebellion among guys who make 50 million a year like mickleson and tiger woods. how about the rest of us who make 250,000 to 500,000 that own small businesses, that create all the jobs? we are getting slaughtered out here. >> what is the solution? i know it's a loaded question with a few seconds. what can california do? >> well, california could be smart and do the same thing nevada has done, which is lower taxes on the successful citizens. don't punish someone for starting a business and risking their own money. don't punish someone for being willing to work 16 hours a day. you've got to reward people like that. that's who creates all your jobs and makes the economy go. >> speak to any businessman in california and they will echo wayne allen root's sentiments. thanks. we appreciate you joining us. that's the book, "the alt obama survival guides." speaking of taxes, it's a stunt that will cost you.
9:19 am
so who gave permission for this government chopper to fly over a high school football game? then the game of gossip dishing some celebrity dirt live on "fox & friends." lynn smith, also celebrating a major milestone today. she joins us on the curvy couch next. you don't want to miss that. sometimes what we suffer from
9:20 am
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9:22 am
>> quick headlines at 9:22. when it comes to passenger safety, bigger is better. a new on-line study finds that the fiat 500 is the worst car in the world for passenger injury. simply because of its size. experts say if you're looking for safety, get bigger vehicle. how about this? a pep rally for love.
9:23 am
[ laughter ] >> i love it. this high school is helping the basketball coach pop the question to his very surprised girlfriend. as you can see, she did say yes. looks like it came right out of "glee," doesn't it. >> ever since the overnight success of her first column in 1976, she's been known as the queen of gossip. at fox we know her as the host of "lip asks ears." >> but many people know her as liz, one of our favorite people of the great to have you here. >> thank you. it's wonderful possible here with all of you children who are barely able to vote. >> seriously. >> i just voted for the very first time this past election. >> you look at a politician and mike has this touching new
9:24 am
york's heart because ed koch, the former great mayor of this city passed away. you knew him well. you had a chance to interview him. what do you think he meant to this city and what was he like when you talked to him? >> he picked us up when we were down. he was a real leader, very controversial because he always told you exactly what he thought. liz, you just wrote something that was full of you know what. you know, he was very feisty. and a lot of time was wasted on whether his private life -- >> 'cause he never married? >> yeah. so here we are today when it doesn't seem to matter. >> he'd walk down the street, how am i doing? people would bark back pass or negative. yeah, it was sad news yesterday. my goodness. >> i think he was sort of half ready, you know. he would have loved his obituary. i read them today.
9:25 am
>> you've had such an incredible career and i know certain interviews must stand out to you. people you've talked with over the years that maybe shine a little higher than other individuals. one that comes to mind, elizabeth taylor. >> i knew her pretty well. i traveled all over the world with her after she married richard burton and she was funny and real and total big star, you know, without going out singing and rapping and all that stuff. i mean, she was just herself always. she did a lot of good. she raised millions of dollars for aids. >> two powerful liz's, you and liz. >> well, she thought that was loathsome, she would say, how can you stand to be called liz? i don't know, i was married to a guy that called me that. >> how about nicole kidnap? you had an opportunity to spend some time with her? >> my favorite thing about nicole is we never know why
9:26 am
these women don't stay married to tom cruise, 'cause they will never say. so i was interviewing her after her divorce and she was in australia and i said, tell me frankly, nicole, tom says you know perfectly well why he wanted a divorce. and she said, oh, liz, tom is just so full of it. >> the other thing i love about you, celebrities have come up and they're trying to keep secrets in their life, but they would blurt it out to you and then say, hey, don't print that. why did you tell me? >> it's going to go to my grave. don't print that. >> you have such an interesting relationship. traveling with elizabeth taylor. so you become friends, right? is it difficult to be able to separate yourself from that friendship to then write about that person? >> no, i always wrote the truth about her and she didn't much care what you said.
9:27 am
so she was a realist and they made so much news together because they were always fighting privately, pretending, yeah, yeah, yeah, i had a better lunch than you did, that kind of thing. >> we're looking at whoopie goldberg. she's just the way that she is -- now we're back up. here we are. is she just the way that she is -- >> absolutely. >> everything in person? >> she represses a lot of her fury, i think, because she wants to -- you know, she feels she's impartial host. >> would you like to take this opportunity to reveal some gossip you've been holding back all these years? did you ever hold back on anybody because you liked them so much? >> i did. i always thought i was a terrible gossip columnist, pretty good columnist, but not much for scandalizing people.
9:28 am
it mutt me in a class by myself. wasn't so good. >> we are so happy we get to spend your birthday with you. >> happy birthday! >> you are 90 years old. i would never believe it. 90 years young. >> we want to celebrate right here on "fox & friends" this morning, so we got a little surprise for you. you might have seen this in the studio. a beautiful cake. >> wow. >> that's a big surprise! >> oh, my gosh. >> look at that, liz. >> look at that. thank you. >> michael has been working on these balloons all morning long. >> i blew up every one of those balloons. >> you know, i don't think roger ayles ever thought i was going to be 90. >> or he never would have hired you. >> i heard you call yourself 2,000 years old. >> well, i feel it sometimes. listen, joy of the end of my career is to be a little part of this network.
9:29 am
it's great. >> you're not announcing the end of your career. >> no, i'm not. i'm going on working. >> happy birthday. >> 'til they find out i'm 90. [ laughter ] >> nobody will know. >> we're not going to put this on television, liz. happy birthday. >> thank you all. >> all right. liz smith may never retire, but do you see yourself retiring at 65? that plan likely won't happen. most americans are coming up a little short on money. up next, how you can guarantee a comfy retirement. >> plus, we are one day away from the super bowl. number 47. brian is in new orleans for all the fun. brian, what's coming up. >> brian: there is a girl from carolina in new york tossing to me with the quarterback from carolina. he'll be talking about the evolution of the new quarterback, what he thinks is going to happen on sunday. the most important thing that he wanted to do, you wanted to make sure we have a catch, me and him. so one of your goals is going to come through. he's also, cam is going to talk about going back to school and what a great example that is.
9:30 am
this man is carrying a backpack! can you believe it, instead of a playbook, all coming up when we come back to the nfl experience. look what mommy is having.
9:31 am
9:32 am
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♪ . >> the chess club. >> time for your musical shot of the morning. that had to hurt. in the spirit of the super bowl, this is the baltimore symphony orchestra performing a song called "hail to the ravens." from the opera carmen. going for their second super bowl victory against the 49ers tomorrow. >> you didn't need a teleprompter for the title. you recognized that. >> oh, yeah. i own every show tune. >> let's get out to your friend, cam newton is with brian in new orleans. >> brian: that's right. he's one of the new superstar faces of the nfl and he's one of these new fangled quarterbacks that feels equally as comfortable in the pocket as running down field like kaepernick that came in the same year. rg 3 took the season by storm, and joe flacco. cam newton, more athletic perhaps?
9:35 am
we'll see. his team was on a roll, but the season ended too soon. thank you for joining us this morning. >> yes, sir, thank you. >> brian: i'm sorry about that drop at the end. >> that's all right. >> brian: you just got more speed than i do. >> you better hope steve smith does not hear you say that. >> we are about the same height. a little while over your shoulder you'll be signing autographs for the kids. even your foundation, you like giving back. >> right. right. >> brian: why is it so important? n that's one of the big things that i've always been a believer in, you know, god gave me the ability to be hurt, i always give back to my community. for me to give back is very big deal. >> brian: you're going to be dealing with kids signing behind you with the program that's been so successful to the nfl. this year for you, members wise, rushed for more yards, i believe less interceptions, great end to
9:36 am
the season. was it much harder the second year after that unbelievable rookie year? >> i think it was just a learning curve that everyone has to go through, even in the midst of it all, you know, talking to so many different people and getting so many different views of what's happening, why is it not coming right now? but you know, it's happened to the best of them. like i say, i talked to so many different people, be it sports, nonsports, and they all say the same. so i have to be very patient in this life and, you know, continue to progress to get better. >> brian: you have two quarterbacks i think you find interesting. joe flacco, a lot of people say he'll never bring newt big games. collin kaepernick. he was your roommate? >> yes, sir. >> brian: did you see the talent then? >> did i? i think everybody in that combine had talent. no doubt about it.
9:37 am
for collin to be -- project the rare form, when he just e mr.ed on the scene when he got the start, i think he's just made the most of every opportunity that he has had. >> brian: he thinks nine games, this is -- he says he knows he's winning the super bowl. i watched him, i talked to him. i get the sense he thoroughly believes he's going to win. is it possible, nine games, nine starts to think you're going to win the tenth? >> you never know. i think that's one thing about sports overall is confidence. if you believe in yourself and there is no telling what you can set your sights to and gain confidence. >> brian: he seems to be confident, takes over mid year. you did something so impresssive. a promise to your mom. you leave auburn, you didn't get your degree. so you're taking now, what, five classes? >> 15 hours. >> brian: at auburn? >> at auburn right now. >> getting your sociology
9:38 am
degree. >> lot of questions, concerns about why in the world are you back at school? it's big picture for me. when you make promises, i feel like i'm a man that is good to his word. and i told miami mom i would go back and get my degree. that's a big deal not only me, but for my family. >> brian: like ronald reagan, you're going to get a degree in sociology. cam newton walking around with a statue in the backpack. now the big story, anna kooiman left when you come in. i'm going to introduce to you each other right now. so there you are. anna kooiman, come in. i want you to meet cam newton officially. so when you go back to carolina to visit your parents, you'll officially know the cam newton, you'll have met him. do you have any questions for cam newton, any advice for surviving and thrive not guilty carolina? >> how do you like the grits there? >> the grits? that's one thing about carolina,
9:39 am
they have some great eats everywhere. it's a very clean community and very clean town and it's fun to be part of it. >> brian: do you like the local media, cam? >> the local media? >> match maker, match maker, make me a match. thanks for trying, brian. >> brian: there you go. listen, cam, when you go to carolina, look up the kooimans, they'll have you over for dinner. >> sounds great. >> brian: cam, thank you for joining us. good luck at your big play. >> yes, sir. >> brian: when do you start signing? noon? >> 1:00 o'clock. >> brian: all right. best of luck in your classes. if you need extra help, anna is available. back to you in the studio. >> anna is a tutor. >> you are evil. brian, thank you so much. 8:39 is the time. we've fox news alert. we've got to get to. another day comes and goes with that five-year-old little boy still held hostage in an underground bunker in alabama.
9:40 am
those tense negotiations still going on. >> elizabeth prann is following the story and is live there in midland city with an update this morning. elizabeth? >> yeah. we're hoping for more information noon eastern time as u.s. a scheduled press conference. just to give you a gauge of how close we are, if you look at that metal hanger right over what looks like an airport hangar, the property hyped that building is the suspect's -- acre land, that bunker shortly behind that building. that's where police are constantly investigating and negotiating with the suspect. they're doing so through a pvc pipe just like this one. authorities tell us it's about 60 feet, four-inch diameter. that's what we're dealing with. this is a foot and a half. that gives awe gauge of how long it is. we know they're dropping medication down to this little boy. he's a special needs child. he's been crying for his parents and grandparents. we also have new pictures for you reloosed from rickey he's been providing these pictures for us. it's right at the beginning of
9:41 am
the crime scene after it happened. you can see the children. they just witnessed not only a murder, but a kidnapping. their parents are grabbing them, trying to save them from the scene. police also releasing the first pictures of jimmy lee dykes, the man suspected of shooting not only that bus driver, but kidnapping that boy and holding him in that bunker. we know the families are really banding together in this community. we heard from the governor as he spoke about the situation and the families and how they're coping. listen. >> as a parent, myself and just like i'm sure many of you are, what can you say, except to cry with them and, you know. it's difficult. >> now, that bus driver, charles albert poland, junior, will be laid to rest tomorrow. they're expecting thousands of people to turn out, so they're holding the funeral at a local civic community center. back to you. >> heart breaking. >> thanks. well, coming up, you can kiss your dream of retiring at
9:42 am
65 good-bye. turns out the average baby boomer in this country is a half a million dollars short on savings. wow. maybe you can fix it, though. we have an expert here. >> first, we're going to check in with neil cavuto with what's coming up on the cost of freedom in the business block. neil? >> good morning. with new signs the economy shrinking, is this any time to be hiking? think what's between you and your boss stays between you and your boss. think again. they're blurting out your salary. is that right or wrong? call it buyers remorse. unions push for the president's health care law. now they're pushing back. find out what they want now and who will pay the price if they get it. we're following your money on the cost of freedom at the top of the hour. we'll see you then. [ male announcer ] when you wear dentures you may not know
9:43 am
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>> announcer: stop! living with hair loss, that is. losing your hair is no fun and no one wants to be bald, but there is hope. >> getting my hair back was the best thing that ever happened to me. >> i'm happy with the way i look now. >> i'm very excited about
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my hair. >> i feel beautiful. >> i love my hair. >> announcer: hair club offers all-proven hair loss solutions backed by our commitment to satisfaction guaranteed. if you're not 100% satisfied with the solution you choose, hair club will apply the purchase price to another proven hair loss solution or transplant more hair at no charge. >> and that was the best thing i've ever done. >> it looks good on me. >> announcer: call in the next five minutes to get your free brochure at no obligation. it will tell you everything you need to know about your hair loss problem, and it's free if you call now. >> i am more pleased than what i had even imagined. >> i at least look, i would say, five years younger. >> i'm 52 and i look better now than i did when i was in my 40s. >> i feel great. >> announcer: and that's not all! the first 100 people who call will also receive $250 off any hair loss solution from hair club. call now! [♪...] boomers, listen up. most americans are coming up short when it comes to retiring by the age of 65.
9:46 am
you should have saved $363,000. but the average household, $120,000 saved. that's actually 66% less. so what can you do to make sure you can retire comfortably? joining us now, a financial planner and president of jfl total wealth management, jerry lynch. good morning. >> how are you? >> so i guess 65 is a retirement age is just an illusion. >> it is. when social security was set up in the 1930s, average life expectancy was 64. now average life expectancy is in the mid 80s. if you retire at 65, you will be retired and alive for 20 years that you have to fund your retirement. a lot could go wrong. >> in 1935, they set it up so i would be dead before i started collecting social security? >> exactly. that's why social security is having this problem is they were never designed to pay out people for 20 year periods of time. to fund 20 years, it's going to
9:47 am
cost a lot of money. >> we've got to send our kids to college. but that money we're spending on college we could have been saving, but sending them to college is important. >> i'm of a huge fan of education. i think everybody should do their best to get a college education. however, there is a difference between going to a state school where you're paying 20 to $25,000 a year for an education and going to a private school for 50 to $60,000. i can't justify the additional financial difference. again, i think a college degree is important, but i don't think you're getting an extra $40,000 a year benefit by paying for an extra school. >> i would love to retire in manhattan. but it's so expensive. i guess you got to be willing to move. >> you have to. new york, new jersey, the average property tax in my town is $18,000. if i were to move down south, $18,000 could buy a $300,000 home. then i could take the equity out of my home and live on it. living in the tri-state area is expensive. for most people, once kids are
9:48 am
out of school, they have to say, does it make sense to have these expenses. >> for once in your life, you have to budget. if you've never done it before, you have to do it. >> there is three things you have to have, food, water, shelter. those things are still negotiable in terms of that. you need a car, but don't necessarily need a bmw. you have to look at your core cost, what you're willing to compromise on and develop a reasonable plan for retirement. >> i heard you say once the kids move out of the house, they're kind of on their own. >> again, you could spend a tremendous amount of money. i see a lot of people who are retired who are giving their kids money on a regular basis. it's destroying their retirement. i think you get to a point where you have to say you're going to make some mistakes and have tough years burks those are the best times, really toughens them up and gets them ready for the future. at some point they have to be self-sufficient. >> it would be tempt to go play the stock market, maybe look at risky investments because then i could get a big return if it hits. >> well, the tortoise always
9:49 am
wins. i think a lot of times people get close to retirement, they see the numbers don't work and based on that, what they try to do is take additional risk. the problem is, if you're in an 80% stock portfolio, you have the ability to lose 40% of your money. if that happens, you will never retire. you have to take the risk down and say what is reasonable? anybody who is telling you they will get superior rate of returns is lying and run away from them. somebody who is telling you they will get you remain rates of return over a period of time is a type of person you want to work with. >> if i wanted to retire right now, how much money do i have to have? >> you need a lot. basically, i tell people if you're drawing on this money, you probably assume 4% withdrawal rate. if i have a million dollars, i could assume an income of $40,000 a year if i want to make sure i don't run out of money. so whatever you have, plus 4%? >> times 4%. >> is what you could reasonably live on. >> are you related to merrill lynch? >> he's my evil twin brother. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> we have more "fox & friends"
9:50 am
coming up. iran claimed it successfully launched a monkey into space. but was it all a fraud? more on the monkey business straight ahead. and we head back to the big easy where brian is celebrating the day before the big game. hi, brian. >> well, mike, thousands come to new orleans each year they go to the super bowl. it's great experience. for millions more they don't get that experience. when we come back. i'll give you the nfl experience as it is new orleans style. an exclusive tour when we come back on "fox & friends".
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
ed. 9:53 is the time now. we have some quick headlines to get to. this stunt at a california home
9:54 am
come -- taxpayers seeing red. a department of justice agent dropped a football down from the helicopter to his son to pump up the crowd. but the use of the chopper was not authorized and cost taxpayers around $1,300. the agent has been put on leave. >> oops. and what do you think about this? is this the same monkey? some experts are saying, huh-uh. calling into question whether iran's announcement of launching a monkey into space is a fake. one of these pictures was before the launch and one was after. what do you guys think? >> i say no. i think it's a fake, but you never know. if you have them side by side, being launched into space can be stressful. that's why the other one has gray hair. >> got scared. >> stress. >> like we send brian to the super bowl, he gets so stressed, he's got to use just for men to stay brown. >> that's right. i do come back totally gray.
9:55 am
clayton, thanks for revealing that. i got to show you what the nfl experience is like. you can take the walk with me. any of you guys on the couch ever go to the super bowl before? >> no. >> one time in los angeles. >> okay. >> brian: first off, they've whole thing on safety. look at the old hell empties. look inside this helmet. the old colts helmet. they weren't talking about head injuries then, but talk being it now. look at the helmet today. look at that padding. so yeah. it is amazing. but guys are still getting hurt. let's take a walk down a little further. mark, to my right, this is where the kids will be. they're being held out really until our show done. they'll be jumping over this, going through the obstacle course, having something to eat after. nfl network has their set-up there. they're there all day. this is their big gig. field goal. kids are out there kick. normally there would be about a half hour away. there is adrian peterson, he
9:56 am
looks very small from this angle. he was on our show earlier. and then over here, you got different people going out for passes, balls here. runways. this thing will be a half hour wait shortly. little kids area over here. another field goal area on the side. >> ends there is a game. >> this is just half of it. on the other side, you got the mini hall of fame and everything like that. >> next year, brian, i'll go to the super bowl and we'll switch places. >> done. >> you got it. >> more fox friends friends in two minutes [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. campbell's. music: "make someone happy"
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music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ it's so important to make meone happy.♪ ♪make just one someone happy ♪and you will be happy too.
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progress-oh! -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ wh do you know? oh! ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter. >> brian, this is a moment, cam newton throwing a ball in slow motion to brian kilmeade down there. >> sorry, brian. we see that again? >> it was anna's

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